The Captive PA

The Captive PA is a tube type device that requires a Prince Albert piercing (PA). It's design is lightweight and incorporates a standard captive bead ring (CBR). This allows you to use the jewellery that you know is comfortable.

The tube length is also deliberately short which allows the device to align itself to your piercing during night time erections.

Another unique feature is the clam shell design. The advantages of this design is that once fitted, the clam shells are clamped together allowing no flexing and movement which means zero trapping/nipping of the skin.

All of this results in a devise that you forget you are wearing even during the night. The devices security is of course 100% thanks to the device fully capturing the PA.

The three security bolts are recessed into the clamp shell to prevent tampering. The bolts themselves are tamper proof and require the unique torque bit key.

The Isolator (In Development)

The Isolator is currently in the design and development phase and as a result is currently not available for purchase.

Further optional head pieces are in development including the below

1. Kali's Teeth

2. Vibrator Head

3. E-Stim

4. Anti Pullout for Non-Piercing

5. Frenum Hook

6. Ampallang

Keep checking back for updates on the development of 'The Isolator'