Isolator PA

The Isolator (In Development)

The Isolator is currently in the design and development phase and as a result is currently not available for purchase.

Further optional head pieces are in development including the below

1. Kali's Teeth

2. Vibrator Head

3. E-Stim

4. Anti Pullout for Non-Piercing

5. Frenum Hook

6. Ampallang

Keep checking back for updates on the development of 'The Isolator'

Design Philosophy

The Isolator combines security, comfort and isolation in an innovative way. The bulge provides clearance between the sensitive areas of the penis and the device. This prevents pleasure from friction around the sensitive areas reducing the chances of cheating. The optional PA hook can be used to secure a CBR resulting in 100% security from pull out to compliment the ball trap feature. This combined with the sensitive area of the penis being isolated results in a very frustrating experience. The PA hook can also pivot in the tube to allow movement of the CBR so ensure comfort during erections.

Side View

Exploded View

Device Pictures

Side View

Front View

Steelheart Comparison