The Captive PA

Design Details

Two Piece lightweight Clam Shell Body

Urine Hole Size Increase (New)

Captive Bead Ring Urine Cutout (New)

Increased Captive Bead Ring Movement (New)

Captive Bead Ring (Supplied)

3x Lock Nuts

3x Custom Tamper Proof Bolts

What's in the Box

- Custom Sized Captive PA Cage (Left & Right Clam-shells)

- 1 x Captive Bead Ring (Gauge to match your PA size)

- 4 x Tamper Proof Bolts

- 4 x Nuts (Installed into Clam Shells)

- 1 x Key

- Velveteen Privacy Pouch

- 2 x Sterile Wipes