Do you want to give your research more visibility? Or are you just interested in what the folks in your area are up to?

Join our poster sessions!

Our next poster session will take place in Summer 2023.

Instructions for poster presenters

  • Anyone is welcome to participate, and in particular we hope to encourage participation from early career researchers.

  • The topic of the poster session is applied topology, broadly interpreted. Get in touch with us if you are unsure whether the topic of your poster fits!

  • The poster session will happen online via zoom or the Gather.Town platform, with each poster being assigned to its own room. Attendees will be able to move freely between rooms.

  • If you are interested in presenting a poster, please register above. We will then get in touch with you the month of the poster session.

Instructions for poster session attendees

No registration is necessary to attend the poster session. To obtain the link for our poster session, you could either

Guidelines for creating your poster

  • We recommend landscape posters, as they fit better on screens, but there is no restriction on poster size, background, or text color.

  • Include figures! Posters are a visual medium.

  • Select your text carefully. Some people like to make posters with section titles, figure captions, brief explanations, but few words overall (and instead say those words out loud). If you want to include more words on the poster that's okay, but make sure the main messages are easily visible.

  • Each presenter should make a PDF of their poster, which we will post on the webpage.

  • Optionally, you can also create an HTML version of your poster, or a short video explaining your poster, for us to share next to your PDF — but these formats are optional.

Please contact us at if you have any questions!

Guidelines for presenting your poster

Your goal is to invite questions and interaction from those who attend your poster room. How can you do this?

  • Have a short 3-5 minute verbal overview for your poster prepared, to give at the beginning of your block. Don’t go into too many details, and don’t try to explain everything on the poster.

  • After that 3-5 minute intro, take a break from speaking! Give folks time to read over your poster, to think of questions, and to ask questions. Do not be afraid of, say, half a minute of silence. Formulating questions takes time.

  • Invite questions from folks! Once you get a first question, others will follow. Answering questions will allow you to get into some of the details behind your poster.

  • If somebody new enters the room, feel free to give another short intro.

Please contact us at aatrn.director"at" if you have any questions!

Prior poster sessions

The first AATRN poster session took place on October 8th, 2021, with the Fall 2021 posters available here.

The second AATRN poster session took place on January 25th, 2022, with the Spring 2022 posters available here.

Our third AATRN poster session took place on September 28, 2022, this time organized jointly with APATG, with the Fall 2022 posters available here. We thank the APATG organizers --- Emerson G. Escolar (Kobe, Japan), Yasu Hiraoka (Kyoto, Japan), Vanessa Robins (ANU, Australia), and D Yogeshwaran (ISI, India) --- for the wonderful collaboration!

Going forward, our plan is to have 1-2 poster sessions per year.


Henry Adams

Colorado State University

Teresa Heiss

IST Austria