American Association of Community Psychiatrists

A Community for Community Psychiatrists

We are the national group of community psychiatrists committed to promoting health, recovery, and resilience in people, families, and communities.


Wednesday 1 - 7p Board Meeting- Carnegie Suite East

Thursday 9a - 2p Board Meeting- Carnegie Suite East

Friday - 5-6:30p Member Meeting-Empire West Ballroom

Friday 7 - 9p Member Reception- Fountain House

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AACP Bylaws Revision

The AACP was initially incorporated in 1984 at which time its first bylaws were written. There have been incremental revisions over the years, most recently in 2008. The board is in the process of drafting a revision of the bylaws which will be voted on at a futre membeship meeting.

We seek your input prior to voting. For those interested, see the documents here:

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