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We are the national group of community psychiatrists committed to promoting health, recovery and resilience in people, families and communities.

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Thanks to all who voted in the 2018 AACP Board Elections.

Results will be posted on March 1st.


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Thanks for a great meeting!

Thanks for everyone who took part in our membership meeting this year. It was a great to share in the exchange of ideas about how we can continue to grow in our community of community psychiatrists. It is a key priority of the board to be able to regularly connect with our membership, to gain your input and insight and to get you involved in shaping our current priorities and initiatives. In this spirit, below you’ll find a summary of the key short-term priorities the board has identified, influenced by what we heard from members:

Direct membership inquiries to: francesrotonbell@gmail.com

To become involved with current initiatives, or to propose a new initiative: AACPprojectcoordinator@gmail.com