AACP Bylaws- Revisions for Vote

The 2019 revised Draft of the AACP Bylaws will be open for membership voting during our October 2019 membership meeting. Below, you will find the following 4 documents available for review in advance of this meeting:

  1. A summary of the substantive changes from the 2008 Bylaws This is the quickest overview.
  2. The current bylaws (2008) .
  3. The proposed revised bylaws (DRAFT 2019).
  4. An annotated version of the proposed bylaws with notes highlighting substantive changes.

1. Summary of key changes from 2008 Bylaws:

Summary of proposed bylaws changes10_19.docx

2. 2008 Bylaws of the American Association of Community Psychiatrists:

AACP Bylaws 2008.doc

3. Proposed revised bylaws (DRAFT 2019):

AACP Proposed Bylaws_ final.doc

4. Annotated version of revised bylaws (Draft 2019) with notes highlighting changes:

AACP Bylaws_annotated_final.doc