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Caring for the elderly; make a difference

It may happen that you have to take care of an older person at some point in your life . Often these are your parents or another family member. By doing this you make it possible for the older person to remain independent for a longer time and to fully enjoy life. Older people are confronted with anxiety, physical complaints and depression and good care can really make a difference at this stage of their lives. Here you will find some tips with which you can do this as well and appropriately as possible. Elderly Care Gresham Oregon

Make life fun again

Do not forget that there are plenty of other activities that might not be so obvious, but that can keep the older man's brain busy, bring them to people and give them a little bit of fun in life. There is the theater, the park and there are concerts where the elderly can really enjoy. This way you give them a normal life in which they can do things that non-elderly people do. You can also consider the casino. Here they can possibly practice with friends at the different tables and keep their brains active and social activities.

Of course it is important to take a good look that the elder will not do this too often and that he or she will keep to the budget that you have prepared with them in advance. Good financial planning is essential for this and if necessary you can organize that you yourself go along or that someone else you trust keeps an eye on things. Casinos obviously have to make a profit and they do this by offering games that always generate money for the house. Nevertheless, you can ensure that the elderly has a fun and enjoyable time here, without any addiction or debt.

Everyone likes to feel useful

Most people, young or old, like to be useful, especially in a situation where you are partially dependent on someone else or you can not do everything yourself. If you care for an older person, it is good to let them know that you need their help, instead of just the other way around. You can do this by giving them small tasks, such as folding the laundry, making the shopping lists, helping with cooking or opening the mail.

Stay active

It is good for everyone to be active, young and old benefit from this. If you care for an older person, then 30 minutes a day is enough, 5 days a week. This can be a walk, but also swimming or yoga is very good. Simple activities around the house, such as cleaning and gardening, also have an effect and give the older person the opportunity to help. There are plenty of exercises that can be done at home and a subscription to a gym is not necessary at all.

Good food

Good food is also essential. This not only provides the right nutrients, but also helps maintain a healthy weight and make diseases with the heart, diabetes, osteoporosis and high blood pressure. You can make this a fun affair, by shopping together and then cooking together. Buy as many fresh ingredients as possible so that you can prepare the vegetables together and use as little salt as possible.

To travel

The elderly can do a lot of refurbishing a trip, and there are plenty of opportunities available so that they too can safely travel. This does not have to be far, a beautiful holiday in your own country can have just as much effect. But there are enough organized trips, especially for the elderly, for which you basically only have to drop off and pick them up. The rest is fully organized. And if there are grandchildren abroad, this is the perfect way to visit them. Whether you go or not, you have to take a number of points.

Make sure everything is well planned and indicate in time what care the elderly need. This may have to do with eating habits, whether or not to use a wheelchair and personal assistance if the elderly person is traveling alone. Of course it is important that you organize the travel documents completely and easily, that they can not be stolen, pack the right objects and ensure that all medicines are within reach and that the elder knows exactly when to take them.

Medical care

Older people need more medical care. Not only for their physical health, but also mentally they often have a hard time. That is why it is important to deal well with depression and to call in help if necessary. You can now also perform a number of medical procedures such as taking blood pressure, weighing and measuring glucose levels in the blood. You can sometimes send these results to the doctor digitally, without having to take the elder to practice. If the elderly person has to visit the doctor regularly, keep a good administration and make sure that the appointments are not forgotten. Stress is bad, obesity is bad and too much sunlight can damage the thin and delicate skin of the elderly.

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Other ways to improve health

In addition to activities, a good diet and a good medical plan, you can also promote the health of the elderly in other ways. So it is very important that you always remain positive and get positivity in the house. Older people are often afraid and insecure about what awaits them. Because they deal with other elderly people, sooner or later they will have to deal with illnesses in others and also the death of loved ones. A positive attitude and as little stress as possible can be very effective against depression.

It is also important that the brain remains active. Maybe you can set up a card club with other elderly people in the area and sudoku puzzles and crossword puzzles are also great activities to do this. By keeping the brain active, you stimulate the older person to be clearer, to forget less and to get more enjoyment from life.