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Today, people continue to live independently for longer. That has many advantages for the seniors. In addition, it is a reality that the government encourages this for financial reasons. There are few opportunities to be taken care of outside the domestic situation. But in later life you often need a little extra help. This can be done with home care and informal care, for example. If something else is required, daytime activities or day care for the elderly can be an option.

What is day care and day care for the elderly?

If you can continue to live at home but need something extra, you can think of daycare and spending. This is an option for elderly people with dementia, but also for people with memory problems. You will stay in a care location for a few days or half-days a week. Here you will find professional guidance and care. But more importantly, you may also participate in activities that suit you.

What does day care and day care for the elderly offer?

It is often not easy to apply structure in a day at a later age. It may be the case, for example, that a foster dementia requires foster caregivers to provide demented elderly with sufficient structured help. This can happen in a specialized care location. Here a team of expert staff ensures that a small group of elderly people receive attention and is engaged in a pleasant and meaningful division of the day.

Which activities are involved in daytime activities?

Of course, it is important that daytime activities are tailored to the personal interests, possibilities and wishes of the participant. The choice is very big here. For example, you can think of games or movement. But of course there are also things like music, cooking, reading or reading aloud. It is important that the participant likes to participate because he or she wants it. There is no obligation and no compulsion to participate.

What is the purpose of day care and day care for the elderly?

The most important reason to opt for the care of older people in a day room is that this can be used to ensure that seniors can continue to live independently for longer. The daytime activities ensure that people stay active and have contact with others. There is also a meaningful interpretation of time in day care. As a result, the days are more structured and the participant in the daycare clearly feels more at ease. As a result, the task of home care or informal care becomes less severe. Often daycare and daytime activities may delay the admission to a nursing home or even prevent it altogether.

The care file

A care file will be created for all participants in the daytime activities. The employees record how the day goes. Of course it is important to be able to transfer information to colleagues. In addition, interim evaluations can take place. This is important in order to determine how things are going with a participant and how the program can be better attuned to his or her wishes. Of course, this file also contains information about specific medical care that the participant needs during day care. Think also of targeted day care for demented elderly people.

Family is very welcome

To make the atmosphere in the day care center, family members are welcome to take part in the guidance. Of course, family members can also participate in the activities. And regular visits are also something that can make an important contribution to daytime activities. In the case of an incipient dementia, the support of family visits is often an important moment during reception. But also for fun, visit is always welcome

Who is eligible for daytime activities?

In principle, you can arrange day spending yourself. But in practice you will soon end up at the municipality. According to the WMO, Social Support Act, the municipality is responsible for the guidance of people who need practical and social help in life.

There are often forms of daytime activities in your municipality that everyone can participate in, such as voluntary work. Often there are also special activities for the elderly. However, an indication is required for care in a day room with professional care providers, for example day care for elderly people with dementia. It must be issued via the municipality.

The WMO notification

If you are looking for a suitable day care for yourself or a family member, you can submit a WMO notification to the municipality. A WMO consultant will then work with you to find a suitable day care for the elderly. This usually means participating in activities in a day room under professional supervision. If necessary, you will receive a decision stating that you are entitled to daytime activities. This allows you to search for a provider that has a contract with the municipality.

Day spending from the WLZ

If you have an indication for long-term care based on the Long-term Care Act (WLZ) comes with daily activities based on this indicator. In that case, the choice usually takes place via the care office. Here, based on your specific care profile, you evaluate which guidance is most suitable. You can then also look for a day room in the vicinity of your home.

But you can of course also look for a suitable day care. Remember, however, that there there should be plenty of opportunities to give you the care, nursing care and treatment you need.

Transport to the day room

If you are eligible for day care in a day care center, the WMO or the WLZ can also see whether you are eligible for transport to the location. Based on the medical indication, the WLZ can give a transport indication in specific cases and arrange everything for you

The costs of daycare and daytime activities

In some cases you have to pay a personal contribution for day care and day care for the elderly. This depends on your income and assets. The Central Administration Office (CAK) calculates the own contribution and collects it. On the site of the CAK you will find a handy calculation tool with which you can determine how high the personal contribution would be for you.