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Tips for getting older people to drink in hot weather!

The Warm weather will continue in the USA. For everyone, it is extremely important to keep drinking enough (at least 1.7 liters per day). Older people often have difficulty with this for various reasons. The National Help Guide published an article with useful tips to ensure that elderly people continue to drink enough with this weather. Important, because the consequences of dehydration can be fatal (especially in the elderly).

The care providers who use the 24 Hour Care Desk support our customers and apply the tips wherever possible. Furthermore, they offer guidance and support in all daily life operations. Would you like to know more about this? Read more about the support and guidance in all day-to-day life operations here .

Summer: dehydration in the elderly

Record after record falls ... never before has it been so dry, never so early already such a beautiful weather and then for so long after each other, with the occasional dip days ... It can not be: the summer of 2018 started very early and history goes like a whopper!

We all enjoy the warm days. Nice and cozy with everyone going to do something, pick up a terrace with some friends, cycling, walking ... it's all possible now, even after working hours. Delicious!

For the elderly, this warm period is not always a party. We all know that when the summer temperatures hit, residents of institutions complain quickly and are motivated to little movement. It is much too warm for their taste. Self-employed elderly people often deal with this in a 'lighter' way ... But for all elderly people there is one mantra: drink enough!

Sufficient fluid in your body prevents you from getting into trouble. But it is precisely the elderly who often do not feel like drinking. Every year, there are victims of the heat. They are dehydrated and often have too low blood pressure ... Sad, every time. But how can you ensure that the residents drink enough? Elderly Care Salem Oregon

First of all, the drinks that they receive must not be ice cold. Room temperature is the best, because cold drinks give the body the wrong signal. The brain soon thinks that your need for moisture is saturated, while that is not the case at all.

Older people apparently have little need for fluid, but they too must certainly get 1.7 liters of fluid (alcohol does not count ...) per day. Placing a glass of water and going through it does not really help. If possible, sit down with the resident and 'talk' the water inside. Older people often have trouble drinking, because they are in pain, tired or listless. They soon leave everything out of the box.

Use colored glasses or cups. They are much more than transparent. If you want to drink something as an elderly person but you can not 'find' your glass, the chance has already gone wrong. Variation in the drinks also works. Always and forever tea and apple juice, the throat will hang out. Do something different, and try to get a few residents to drink together. See drinking makes you drink, just like food does.

Older people have a reduced thirst stimulus, so they forget to drink. Moreover, many elderly people are afraid that they have to go to the toilet extra (does too much pain) or suffer from unwanted urine loss. Also, elderly people who see how busy everyone is, the staff will not ask for a drink. They do not want to be a burden. Giant sweet, but bad for themselves.

Dehydration is miserable. Your blood pressure drops, you can fall over and if you do not intervene in time, it is even fatal. When dehydrated, the skin is no longer elastic, the organs work less well and confusion arises. The heart goes faster, you become sick, you get cold hands and feet and headaches. The brain does not work as well, because they also want moisture. Eventually someone gets into a coma or shock.

All the reasons for keeping the elderly 'wet' and giving them at least 1.7 liters of fluid. Summer should also be a feast for them, not a period that is met with anxiety. The long summer - that must be drunk!