F5 Speech and Debate

UPDATE August 26!

We will be able to meet indoors this year at the Metrolina Christian Academy! Our kick-off meeting will be indoors in Building D, which is immediately to the left of the picnic tables. Masks are still required!

We will have an informational meeting about our club and the 2020-2021 season Thursday evening, August 27, at 7 PM at the outdoor picnic tables at Metrolina Christian Academy/First Baptist Church in Indian Trail. Directions to the picnic tables are at the bottom of this page.

Our regular meetings will be at the same location, day, and time beginning September 10th. Meetings last 1.5 hrs.

In the past we have met indoors at the school/church. However, due to the extra cleaning required after school in preparation for the next school day, we will not be able to use the school or church while there are Covid 19 concerns. Alternate meeting locations are being investigated.

Mask Update: 8/17/2020

We are requiring everyone to wear masks until seated, in family groups, six feet apart from one another. When everyone is seated and the meeting begins, then the masks can be removed.

Masks will need to be worn when the meeting is over as everyone is transitioning to their vehicles.

If someone wants to address the group, they can speak from their seat, seated or standing, or can address the group from the front but must wear a mask while they walk back and forth.

We believe wearing a covering over the nose and mouth for a few minutes is a small sacrifice for the safety of others and demonstrates a culture of caring.


Our club is student led by several experienced students providing the instruction and coaching. Parents are welcome to sit in but most do not.


We are a part of the Stoa Christian Homeschool Debate League. Here is a good video about Stoa. https://stoausa.org/what-is-stoa-like/

We are also currently investigating a couple of on-line speech and debate leagues that will be offering on-line tournaments this year.


As a club, we will focus on parliamentary debate and Lincoln Douglas debate. The Stoa league offers many different competitive speech events. However, historically, as a club, we have not done much with speech events in the past, but hopefully that will change in 2020-2021.

* Parliamentary debate is a fun, limited preparation debate between two person teams. The topic debated changes each round and can be serious or light-hearted in nature. Teams have 20 minutes to research and prepare for the round using the Internet, friends, parents, other debaters, etc. However, only notes handwritten by the debaters themselves can be used in the debate.

* Lincoln Douglas debate (or LD) is a form of one-on-one debate. The debate topic will remain constant all school year. The topic for the Stoa 2020-2021 season will be Resolved: Economic stability is more important than economic growth.

* Some examples and information about the various types of speeches that students may compete in are given at our website under the “Types of Speeches" tab. Also see the “Speech Helpful Hints” tab for instructional videos about for all things speech including how to choose a topic.


Homeschoolers ages 12-18 as of October 1st are welcome to join us! (These are the age guidelines set by the league Stoa. You must be within these age limits to compete. All are welcome to come and learn with us, however).

Directions to the Picnic Tables at Metrolina

We are meeting at the picnic tables beside building D, a one story red brick building, at the Metrolina Chrstian Academy. If you enter the campus on Gary Drive, you will eventually see to your right a grey building that looks like a house. That building houses the school offices and it has some large maroon letter M's on the outside. Behind that grey building is Building D. To the right of Building D are some maroon picnic tables under some trees.