Capital Region Interfaith Creation Care Coalition

CRICCC's position on the upcoming election:

We are in a critical election season nationally. Climate change is teaching people everywhere around the world how connected we are by its impacts. Scientists have captured more photographic evidence, data, and satellite imagery that bears witness to a greater loss of polar ice sheets, rising atmospheric temperatures, and increases of CO2 and methane leaking from tundra. Superstorms are more frequent. Drought and firestorms are more dangerous and destructive. Some of our own loved ones are living with record-breaking storm surges, horrible air quality from fires, evacuations, and loss of home. Younger generations are feeling more anxious and hopeless about incremental initiatives that don’t go far enough to save their future. They are looking for real solutions to address the oncoming environmental degradation. They despair and need hope for the future.

What happens with the presidency and the senate will greatly impact the work of climate mitigation and justice. We, the representatives of the Capital Region Interfaith Creation Care Coalition strongly urge you to vote. We support Science. We advocate for electing candidates who will give us the best chance to do what needs to be done for the Creation. To establish a green economy, built around green technologies and practices, is what will be needed to sustain humanity on Earth. This will also help to revive the economy by creating jobs. We must also be mindful about creating just and protective measures for those who are most vulnerable and will suffer the most.

Although many dire issues have risen quickly to the top of the campaign agendas, we ask that, whenever possible, we remind family, neighbors, and people everywhere that the climate emergency is also real and will continue to worsen. It is the greatest existential threat to humanity on Earth. We invite you to share our position widely and urge you to vote accordingly.

Who We Are

The Capital Region Interfaith Creation Care Coalition was formed in the spring of 2018 to bring together faith groups in the Capital Region of New York State. We currently have representatives of 24 different faith communities on our mailing list with 22 of those communities regularly active in our meetings.

The Coalition has 4 Committees:

· Renewable Energy

· Toward Zero Waste

· Communications and Education

· Advocacy

Our Mission Statement

We make Care of Creation a central moral priority by working in solidarity to mitigate the climate emergency and to preserve and restore natural resources and biodiversity for present and future generations. We accomplish this in accordance with our values by educating ourselves and our faith communities, advocating for the environment, reducing our carbon and waste footprints, and adopting behaviors that will ensure the sustainability of life in all its diversity on Earth.

Join Us

We welcome more faith groups in the region to become involved with our efforts. Our next meeting is November 16 at 7 PM by Zoom. Write to our Chair for details on how to join the meeting.

Contact Us

Please contact David Cullen at or (518)794-9550 for more information. Also visit us on Facebook. Our website creator and administrator is Barb Spink.