Capital Region Interfaith Creation Care Coalition

Who We Are

The Capital Region Interfaith Creation Care Coalition was formed in the spring of 2018 to bring together faith groups in the Capital Region of New York State. We currently have representatives of 24 different faith communities on our mailing list with 23 of those communities regularly active in our meetings.

The Coalition has 4 Committees:

· Renewable Energy

· Toward Zero Waste

· Communications and Education

· Advocacy

Our Mission Statement

We make Care of Creation a central moral priority by working in solidarity to mitigate the climate emergency and to preserve and restore natural resources and biodiversity for present and future generations. We accomplish this in accordance with our values by educating ourselves and our faith communities, advocating for the environment, reducing our carbon and waste footprints, and adopting behaviors that will ensure the sustainability of life in all its diversity on Earth.

Join Us

We welcome more faith groups in the region to become involved with our efforts. The next General Membership Meeting for CRICCC is scheduled for January 24, 2022 at 7 PM. Our speaker will be Rev. Peter Cook of the NYS Council of Churches, and he will talk about Climate Justice. The meeting will be held by Zoom. Email us for details.

Contact Us

Please contact our Co-Chairs Kevin Conley and Barb Spink at for more information or to sign up for our Friday email. Also visit us on Facebook. Website design/administrator: Barb Spink.