Gregory Murphy

Teacher Portfolio

Hello! Welcome to my professional portfolio. This highlights work I completed in my Masters program at University of New England, as well as my work as a 5th grade instructor. I am currently teaching in Taiwan at a public school with a special program that hires certified teachers from the USA to develop multidisciplinary instruction. As an artist and professional drummer, I have combined best practices learned in my program with innovative activities using music, technology, and visual art. Take a look at my most recent lessons in the video below.

I am inventor and co-creator of This web-based educational tool lets you explore the world through thousands of live radio stations while orbiting Earth aboard the International Space Station. It's a big hit on the web, and in the classroom. Additional info on how this project ties in with National Board for Professional Teaching Standards here.

I am also an active member in the maker community, and exhibited my interactive installation, "Remote Control Painting" at the World Annual Maker Faire in New York CIty. What began as an art project, I have adapted for ESL lessons on giving directions. Here a computer program translates directional movement made on the video game controller into audio commands that are played through earphones worn by a painter. The result is a kind of human etch-a-sketch. See it in action below.