Common Fees and Rates:

IB Online Self Service:

  • Stocks: $4.88 plus $0.01 per share (e,g, 100 shares = 4.88+1.00 =$5.88)
  • Options $4.88 plus $1.75 per contract ( e.g. 10 calls = 4.88+17.50 = $22.38)

COR Online Self Service

  • COR Based price $18.88 per equity execution. Options plus $2 per contract.

Broker Assisted:

  • Stocks: $65.00 plus$0.01 per share
  • Options: $65.00 plus $2.00 per contract
  • $5 extra for each multiple fill. Request All-Or-None to avoid this fee.
  • $5 extra for "AVERAGED PRICE" execution.
  • $2.79 pass thru confirmation fee for each trade. No confirmation fee for IB clients with electronic confirmation.
  • Broker Assisted Hourly Fee $100

IB C I G Mobile or Desktop Real Time Trading App : Free if monthly fees exceed $$85 or $35 per month. App with delayed data is free of charge.

Please see Fee List, which is updated periodically.

One of CIG 's goal is to be as green as possible. Therefore, most communication are done via email and apps. Paper statements and confirmation are provided electronically free of charges. Paper documentation will be provided at the current rate of $2 per page plus postage.