Our Story:

We are a boutique Chicago investment firm registered with the SEC, FINRA, SIPC, Illinois Securities Division, and Illinois Insurance Commission.

Our people are knowledgeable investment executives from a very diverse background : Finance, Mathematics, Engineering, Art and Economics. We believe we know more about the in-and-out of stock market than most of our peers. The vast amount of ideas exchanged, sometimes not conventional, enables us to create better practice everyday. Led by the Company founder, Andy Lam, CIG was established in 1995 and the mission is still the same: Treat each investor, employee and adviser as your own sister or brother.

While the global financial market will continue to behave widely, we truly believe that working with us can greatly benefit the outcome and reduce the risks of your portfolio.

We welcome your challenging questions and want you to compare us with your current adviser or banker. 1-312-225-1388 ( 8a-3p M-F)

Thank You!!

Team C I G

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