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It has been 30 years since Caroline Wang and Mary Ann Burris carried out the first photovoice project in 1992. We are honoring this milestone with a first-ever online photovoice conference: “30 Years of Photovoice: Past, Present, and Future.” Conference dates are October 20-22, 2022.

“30 Years of Photovoice” aims to bring together practitioners, scholars, and students at all levels to share their experiences with this participatory visual method for mutual learning and positive change.

Questions guiding the conference include: What aspects of the photovoice method continue to endure and inform? What innovations inform the use of photovoice today?  What new directions can inform photovoice use in future? 

  • Photovoice as critical pedagogy

  • Photovoice in health

  • Photovoice in architecture and

urban design

    • Photovoice method and application innovations

    • Photovoice as research justice praxis

Hosted By PhotovoiceWorldwide

PhotovoiceWorldwide is a small, woman-owned business whose mission is to help individuals and organizations worldwide use photovoice safely, ethically, and successfully, and create a global community for photovoice peer-to-peer support and continuing education.