What to bring to your appointment

At your appointment, you must bring

§  The AARP Foundation TaxAide Intake/Interview & Quality Review Sheet (down loadable and fill-able form)

§  Maryland Taxpayer Checklist 

And, you will also want to bring:

To see a list and explanation of those possible documents, click here. 

If you are self-employed, please bring:

1.      Supporting documentation for your expenses and income

2.     Self employment work sheet, click here for worksheet

If you or members of your household had education expenses this year, please bring:

1.      Completed Education Credits Worksheet 

2.      Any documentation for tuition paid, such as Form 1098-T from the educational institution as well as a copy of the student's financial account statement.

If you purchased health insurance through the ACA Marketplace

1.  Please bring Form 1095-A to your appointment.

If you think you may be able to itemize your deductions, please bring:

1.      Completed 2022 Itemized Deduction worksheet 

Note: In order to itemize your deductions should total at least 80% of the standard deduction.

In 2022, the standard deduction is:

§  Single or Married Filing Separately $12,950 (or $14,350 if over age 65)

§  Married $25,900 (or $27,300 if one spouse is over 65; $28,700 if both spouses are over 65)

§  Head of Household $19,400 (or $20,800 if over 65)