Schedule of Events

Schedule at a glance...

Thursday, April 26th

Afternoon: Tour of Royal Alberta Museum Acheson Warehouse

6:00pm Meet and Greet and Registration (The Provincial Kitchen and Bar)

Friday, April 27th

8:30am start: Submitted Speakers; Poster Session (The Lodge Snow Valley)

6pm doors: Todd Kristensen (TELUS Centre)

Social Evening to follow (Devaney's on Campus)

Saturday, April 28th

8:30am start: Invited Speakers Edmonton from Time Immemorial; Poster Session (The Lodge Snow Valley)

  • Elder Jerry Saddleback (Samson Cree Nation)
  • Chris Jass (Royal Alberta Museum), the end of the Ice Age in Edmonton
  • Caroline Hudecek-Cuffe (Archaeoloical Survey of Alberta) & Kristine Fedyniuk "The Rabbit Hill Site: Archaeological evidence for Continuity in Precontact Occupation of the Edmonton Area"
  • Alwynne Beaudoin (Royal Alberta Museum), "Edmonton Now and Then: An Environmental History of Central Alberta"
  • Gerry Oetelaar (University of Calgary), "The Strathcona Site and Archaeology in Alberta: A Personal Retrospective"
  • Corey Cookson, Brittany Romano & Alexandra Burchill, "Glimpse at Lifeways through the Seasons in the Edmonton Area during the 1600-1800s"
  • Nathalie Kermoal (University of Alberta), Metis history in the Edmonton area
  • Chief Calvin Bruneau (Papaschase First Nation), Papaschase First Nation's experience with archaeology in Edmonton

4:00-5:00pm: ASA AGM (The Lodge Snow Valley) - Flintknapping, atlatl & other demos outside

6:00pm doors: Banquet and Keynote Speaker Nancy Saxberg (The Lodge Snow Valley)

Sunday, April 29th

10:00am Field Trip: Strathcona Site (Strathcona Science Park)

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Location of The Lodge Snow Valley

Location of Devaney's on Campus

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