Google Code-in Grand Prize Trip - June 2019

TRIP A: Monday, June 10 - Thursday, June 13 2019

TRIP B: Monday, June 24 - Thursday, June 27 2019

Our 2017 GCI Trip A Winners!

Reminders for Winners (and Mentors)! Things to bring with you on trip:

✅ Printed airline confirmations and e-tickets

✅ Passport (and visa if required) or ID for USA citizens

✅ Your invitation letters printed (for those that needed visas, just as extra support when you arrive at Customs in USA, likely won't need it).

✅ Have extra room in your bags for the goodies we will be giving you (maybe even pack an extra empty duffle bag in your other bags)

✅ Credit Card (if you don't have a credit card then you can use $200 USD deposit at hotel which will be refunded when you depart)

✅ Read all emails sent from Google with details about your trip- print the really long ones with all the extra info : )

Questions? Email