Community Service

We strongly believe in Community Service at Foothill Technology High School. Giving back to and improving the community which provided us the opportunity for excellence in education is the cornerstone of our Community Service program. Students are encouraged to surpass the minimum hours required for Community Service, as the student may qualify for scholarship opportunities and/or use their Community Service experiences on college admission applications. Students are responsible for securing a Community Service placement. This experience is similar to that of finding a job, a situation the student will face throughout life. An approved list of organizations is posted in the Student Services Building. Students may also ask friends and relatives about community service opportunities and search the Internet to find a suitable, local, non-profit organizations for which to volunteer.

We recommend a minimum of three different community service activities over the four years of high school, but two different organizations are required.

Nominate a student to receive the volunteer of the month award!

Finding the right place to volunteer

Pre-approved agency

Start by checking out the approved agency list below. We have over 150 approved organizations. Please note, contact persons and phone numbers often change and we are not always aware of this. Though we attempt to maintain accuracy you may need to use the phone directory for current information.

Approved agencies community service Updated October 2015.xlsx

Project Proposal

If the organization you wish to volunteer with is not list, complete the community service project proposal form. Pre-approval for community service organizations not on the approved list must be requested prior to service by completing the form below.

Event and Ongoing Opportunities with Details

Other volunteer opportunities that arise will be listed here and often announced in the school bulletin and newsletters. The opportunities on this list have requested volunteers.

Community Service Opportunities 2018-19

Documenting Hours

Verification Form

When you go to volunteer take the Verification Form so the supervisor can sign.

Verification Form

Confirming Hours Updated each month (currently updated with submissions turned in by 9/6/19, CMHS through August, FIRE crew 8/16/19)

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