VetCheck is no longer available for NEW users
on or after Jan 1, 2024

VetCheck has been a mainstay of dairy record keeping for many users, and has become known for its user friendliness, and practical reports. While this is our final release, VetCheck founder Scott Stalheim is committed to helping all VetCheck users to make a smooth transition, tailored to each client's needs.

To remove time pressure on converting to other software, the new VetCheck update has no date limits or restrictions, such as for printing reports, so you may continue using the final release as long as it is working for you. To download the latest release, select Download Update, and download the free “VetCheck 10.2 Update”. 

IMPORTANT. If you were a current user, with paid support as of Jan1, 2024 this update will be FREE and require no password.  Other users, please contact us for options.

We are working with other software providers to help determine the best and easiest methods for data conversion. Each VetCheck client will be contacted by us to discuss your software needs and the data conversion process.