A Closer look into 2nd Grade

Grade level theme: SYSTEMS

We are off to a great start in all cluster classes. Students have been talking about having a growth mindset and the power of "YET". They have identified the difference between a fixed mindset and a growth mindset.

WOW!! October is almost over and so is the first quarter. Second grade cluster have been pretty busy conducting experiments, asking questions, and conducting research on Mount Kilimanjaro, specifically why its' glaciers are melting.

Time had really flown! I cannot believe we are half way through the school year. Just a couple of months away and our second graders will soon be in third grade. Second grade has been busy as a bee!

We began our studies on Ancient Egypt with a Q-focus lesson. In this lesson students were given a focus image and in groups developed questions. Then, students analyzed the types of questions they created whether they were opened-ended or closed-ended questions.

Additionally, students have been conducting independent research on Ancient Egypt. Each student has selected a topic and research questions using the IIM. IIM is a gifted resource we use to assist students in conducting researching and finding information from three sources. In the end, they voted to create virtual museums to show their newly gained knowledge. Stay tuned for their final products!!