Gifted at the Meadows

Nicholas Kimpan, Gifted Resource Teacher

Welcome to the Kempsville Meadows Elementary School Gifted Page.

2019 - 2020 is going to be a fabulous and exctiting year! The Science Lab is in full operation, and we will be on exposing our brilliant minds at KMES to the wonderful world of scientific investigation! All grades, from Kindergarten through Fifth grade will have multiple opportunities to explore, question and create meaning from the scientific world around them.

We will continue working with the fabulous stories in the Junior Great Books series, giving the students opportunities to explore rich text and shared inquiry. Additionally, we will be working more with Performance Tasks and Performance Based Assessments, allowing for more authenticity in the classroom.

I am very excited about Math this year and how we can incorporate Schoology, our LMS (Learning Management System) into the daily routines of Math. Schoology allows us to create differentiated lessons that can be pushed to the students, transforming the way they work and enhancing their learning experience.

And let's not forget about Social Studies. K - 3 will focus heavily on Citizenship this year, on of our 5 Cs, along with ancient civilizations and historic biographies. Forth and Fifth grades will study Virginia Studies, including Jamestown, Virginia's Native American heritage, Colonial Virginia, the American Revolution and Civil War, and much more. Students will be using critical thinking skills and studying primary documents to determine cause and effect, historical importance and many other ideas. It is going to be an exciting year!