CIS Multi-Year Plan for

CIS Mission

Leveraging our diverse talents and collaborative culture, CIS provides efficient, reliable high-quality technology services, exceptional customer service, and community support to facilitate the college mission as it applies to teaching, learning, research, student life, operations, and administration.

CIS Vision

Technology will always be an enhancement and never a barrier.

Objectives for 2022-2025

We started the first multi-year planning process in 2019. We created a plan that is divided into six major objectives to guide us in prioritizing and organizing our work. With three years completed, in the spring semester of 2022, we began the process of mapping out the next three years. Each objective is a set of actionable goals that, as they are achieved, will contribute to advancing the objective. In addition to our tracking achievement of individual goals, we will measure our success as an organization by identifying and monitoring specific success criteria for each objective. Read more about how the plan was developed.

Foster customer relationships and implement strategies to minimize the risk of business interruptions due to resource constraints

Leverage technology to enable the college to deliver an ever more impactful digital experience

To support excellence in the academic experience for faculty and students, by enhancing processes, access, and support

Strengthen and enhance the college's security posture through continual security technology developments and awareness training

Support a culture of informed decision making based on clean, consistent and understandable data

Engage and mobilize the IT department to effectively support the college’s priorities and planning initiatives