CIS Multi-Year Plan


In spring of 2019, Vassar College Computing and Information Services (CIS) began developing a multi-year plan to guide our work over the next few years. The entire CIS organization participated in multiple exercises to provide input and shape the plan. We sought input from stakeholders and partners both within and from outside Vassar and used that input to refine our plan.

The resulting plan is organized into high-level objectives and the specific goals needed to achieve those objectives. In addition to shaping the objectives and goals we will pursue over the next few years, our process identified supporting values that will inform how we approach our work.

While we endeavored to make our process as inclusive and comprehensive as possible, we expect to adapt our plan periodically as we continue to engage community and external sources about evolving needs, trends, and opportunities. Please - let us know if you have any input or questions!


CIS provides efficient, high-quality technology services, exceptional customer service, and community support to facilitate the college mission as it applies to teaching, learning, student life, operations, and administration.


CIS will provide the best service and technology experience of any institution. Technology will always be an enhancement to the college and never a barrier.

Objectives for 2019-2022

Our plan is divided into six major objectives that will guide us in prioritizing and organizing our work in the coming years. Within each objective is a set of actionable goals that, as they are achieved, will contribute to advancing the objective. In addition to our tracking achievement of individual goals, we will measure our success as an organization by identifying and monitoring specific success criteria for each objective.

Maintain the highest achievable service availability for critical systems

Leverage technology to enable the college to operate as efficiently as possible

Improve faculty and student experience

Demonstrate leadership in information security while reducing our risk profile

Identify and pursue best practices for data-driven decision making

Engage and mobilize the IT department to effectively support the college’s priorities and planning initiatives