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Portal Deadline to request funds for Spring 2022 is March 1st. Failure to meet deadline means paying out of pocket or being dropped from the class. AP exam funds must ALSO be requested by March 1st, 2022 or the exam fee will be your responsibility. Advanced Opportunities Permission Forms must be turned in through the google form in order for funding requests to be approved. It is the students responsibility to request funds. 4 Steps: fill out Advanced Opportunities Participation Form; create account in the Advanced Opportunity Portal; request funding for each concurrent credit course and/or AP Exam; complete the university registration.

Students must request their high school transcripts from

CourseTransfer helps students navigate transfer of credit across Idaho institutions. This website was developed by Idaho's public colleges and universities to help students plan the potential transfer of credits they have earned or intend to earn.

Advanced Opportunities Participation Form is required to participate in the program.