Greetings Bulldogs,

The VHS Counseling team is excited to work with you and help you through your high school journey! We will continue updating this website for additional resources that you can use but remember that you can always schedule an appointment with your counselor online by selecting "Schedule an Appointment" below, or in person in the Counseling office. As a general reminder, school counselors, teachers, and administrators are mandated reporters; we are required to report any suspected child abuse and/or neglect to the local reporting authority. Students and families should refer to their health providers and/or community resources for immediate support. If you or someone you know is in crisis, please refer to the crisis hotlines and in case of emergency please call 911.

The Vaca High Counseling Team

Please select the "Schedule an Appointment" link to schedule a meeting with your counselor.


Jessica Villanueva*

Counselor (A-C)

707-453-6065 x 1018

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Austin Bird

Counselor (D-H)

707-453-6065 x 1015

Schedule an Appointment 

Lili León*

Head Counselor 


707-453-6065 x 1016

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Tanner Donaldson

Counselor (O-S)

707-453-6065 x 1014

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Katrina Dentino-Reyes

Counselor (T-Z / AVID)

707-453-6065 x 1017

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** Habla español


Tanya Sarty

Counseling/Staff Secretary

707-453-6065 x 1012

For: Counseling related concerns

Aeries Student and Parent Portal Support

Crystal Ferreira*


707-453-6065 x 1013

 For: Student withdrawal

- GPA verification

- Enrollment verification for insurance and social security


Becki Fulton

Counseling Secretary

707-453-6065 x 1011

For: New student enrollment and registration

** Habla español


Chris Santopadre

Work Experience Coordinator

For: Work Permits and Work Experience

Leah Purnell

Work Experience Secretary

Aimee Resnick

Response to Intervention/ Tutoring Coordinator

**For College Visit requests please visit:

Alexis Garcia*

College Advisor

Room 7

Mon, Tues and Fridays

Alternating Wed and Thurs

8am- 4pm

707-453-6065 x 2007

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**For College Visit requests please visit:

Kheleb Hocog

College Advisor


Tues/ Thurs 



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**For College Visit requests please visit:

Agatha Maher

College Advisor


Mon/ Wed: 1-4 pm

Thu: 12-4 pm

Fri: 8:30-2 pm

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**For College Visit requests please visit:

** Habla español