Econ Studies

I have attempted to catalog economic studies for the outer coast counties of Clallam, Jefferson, Grays Harbor, and Pacific. If you are aware of any missing studies or would like to submit a study for consideration, please reach out to me using the contact form. 

Economic Impacts of Washington's Maritime Industry 2022

Community Catch Fisheries Analysis.pdf

Fisheries Market Analysis for Washington's Coast as a Part of the Community Catch Project

West-Coast-COVID-19-Impact-Snapshot-webready (1).pdf

West Coast Fisheries Impacts from Covid-19

2018 Combined Economic Impact Report Ports of Ilwaco & Chinook (FINAL).pdf

The 2018 Combined Economic Impact of Port of Ilwaco & Port of Chinook


Puget Sound Recreational Shellfishing Survey: Methodology and Results


Washington and Oregon Charter Vessel Survey: Methodology and Results


An Assessment of the Value of Pacific County's Nearshore Ecosystems


Marine Sector Analysis Report: Aquaculture


Washington State Maritime Cluster

EA_PoGH Oil Terminals_FINAL REPORT.pdf

Economic Impacts of Crude Oil Transport on the Quinault Indian Nation and the Local Economy

Economic Analysis to support MSP.pdf

Economic Analysis to Support Marine Spatial Planning in Washington

Economic Impacts of Crude Oil Transport_full.pdf

Economic Impacts of Crude Oil Transport on the Grays Harbor Economy


The Economic Impact of Shellfish Aquaculture in Washington, Oregon, and California


Economic Analysis of Outdoor Recreation in Washington State

Fishing Fleet and Processors.pdf

Description of the US West Coast Commercial Fishing Fleet and Seafood Processors


Marine Sector Analysis Report: Non-Tribal Fishing


Modernization of the North Pacific Fishing Fleet


Retail Analysis of Grays Harbor County

InputOutputModel - Fishing.pdf

Description of the Input-Output Model for Pacific Coast Fisheries


Input-Output Model for Pacific Coast Fisheries, 2013 Revisions and Extensions


An Economic and Spatial Baseline of Coastal Recreation in Washington

Pacific County Fisheries Presentation May 16 2015.pdf

Methodological Issues for Estimating Economic Contributions from Commercial and Recreational Fishing in Washington State and Pacific County


Socioeconomics of Washington's Outer Coast and Olympic Coast National Marine Sanctuary: Economic Contributions from Recreation


Marine Sector Analysis Report: Recreation and Tourism


Shellfish Aquaculture in Washington State


Washington Coast Marine Spatial Planning Assessment of Shipping Sector: Final Sector Assessment


Small Community-Level Social Accounting Matrices and their Application in Determining Marine Resource Dependency

SMBC Washington Total Commercial Fisheries .pdf

Washington State Commercial Fishing Industry Total Economic Contribution

Social Indicators for WA coast integrated ecosystem assessment.pdf

Social Indicators for the Washington Coast Integrated Ecosystem Assessment

UW PoE Coastal Economic Baseline.pdf

Washington's Working Coast: an Analysis of the Washington Pacific Coast Marine Resource-Based Economy


Valuing Nearshore Ecosystems in Grays Harbor County: a Natural Capital Assessment to Inform the Shoreline Master Program Planning Process

WA Working Coast.pdf

Washington's Working Coast: Phase 1 Compilation of Information


Washington State Coastal Ports Create Jobs


Economic Analysis of the Non-Treaty Commercial and Recreational Fisheries in Washington State


Economic Impact and Competitiveness of the West Coast Ports and Factors that Could Threaten Growth