Accepted Papers

** Official Proceedings have been published by Springer here **

Solving the Job Shop Scheduling Problem Extended with AGVs -- Classical and Quantum Approaches

Marc Geitz, Cristian Grozea, Wolfgang Steigerwald, Robin Stöhr and Armin Wolf

Towards Copeland Optimization in Combinatorial Problems

Sidhant Bhavnani and Alexander Schiendorfer

Deep Policy Dynamic Programming for Vehicle Routing Problems

Wouter Kool, Herke van Hoof, Joaquim Gromicho and Max Welling

A Two-Phase Hybrid Approach for the Hybrid Flexible Flowshop with Transportation Times

Eddie Armstrong, Michele Garraffa, Barry O'Sullivan and Helmut Simonis

Shattering Inequalities for Learning Optimal Decision Trees

Justin Boutilier, Carla Michini and Zachary Zhou

Stochastic Decision Diagrams

John Hooker

Enumerated Types and Type Extensions for MiniZinc

Peter J. Stuckey and Guido Tack

A SAT Encoding to compute Aperiodic Tiling Rhythmic Canons

Gennaro Auricchio, Luca Ferrarini, Stefano Gualandi, Greta Lanzarotto and Ludovico Pernazza

Packing by Scheduling: Using Constraint Programming to Solve a Complex 2D Cutting Stock Problem

Yiqing L. Luo and J. Christopher Beck

A FastMap-Based Algorithm for Block Modeling

Ang Li, Peter Stuckey, Sven Koenig and T. K. Satish Kumar

Efficient Operations between MDDs and Constraints

Victor Jung and Jean-Charles Regin

Model-based Approaches to Multi-Attribute Diverse Matching

Jiachen Zhang, Giovanni Lo Bianco and Christopher Beck

Learning a Propagation Complete Formula

Petr Kučera

A Parallel Algorithm for Generalized Arc-Consistent Filtering for The Alldifferent Constraint

Wijnand Suijlen, Felix de Framond, Arnaud Lallouet and Antoine Petitet

A Learning Large Neighborhood Search for the Staff Rerostering Problem

Fabio Francisco Oberweger, Günther Raidl, Elina Rönnberg and Marc Huber

A MinCumulative Resource Constraint

Yanick Ouellet and Claude-Guy Quimper

Improving the Robustness of EPS to Solve the TSP

Nicolas Isoart and Jean-Charles Regin

Hybrid Offline/Online Optimization for Energy Management via Reinforcement Learning

Mattia Silvestri, Allegra De Filippo, Federico Ruggeri and Michele Lombardi

Learning Pseudo-Backdoors for Mixed Integer Programs

Aaron Ferber, Jialin Song, Bistra Dilkina and Yisong Yue

Practically Uniform Solution Sampling in Constraint Programming

Gilles Pesant, Claude-Guy Quimper and Hélène Verhaeghe

Leveraging Integer Linear Programming to Learn Optimal Fair Rule Lists

Julien Ferry, Ulrich Aivodji, Sébastien Gambs, Marie-José Huguet and Mohamed Siala

Transferring Information across Restarts in MIP

Timo Berthold, Gregor Hendel and Domenico Salvagnin

Training Thinner and Deeper Neural Networks: Jumpstart Regularization

Carles Roger Riera Molina, Camilo Rey, Thiago Serra, Eloi Puertas Prats and Oriol Pujol Vila

Coupling Different Integer Encodings for SAT

Hendrik Bierlee, Graeme Gange, Guido Tack, Jip J. Dekker and Peter J. Stuckey

Model-Based Algorithm Configuration with Adaptive Capping and Prior Distributions

Ignace Bleukx, Senne Berden, Lize Coenen, Nicholas Decleyre and Tias Guns

Dealing with the Product Constraint

Steve Malalel, Victor Jung, Marie Pelleau and Jean-Charles Regin

Multiple-Choice Knapsack Constraint in Graphical Models

Pierre Montalbano, Simon de Givry and George Katsirelos

Analyzing the Reachability Problem in Choice Networks

Piotr Wojciechowski, K. Subramani and Alvaro Velasquez