Practical Tools for Supporting MultiLingual Learners (MLLs) with Inconsistent/Interrupted Formal Education (SIFE)

Multilingual/English Learners (MLLs/ELs) are often categorized together as one group in the PK- 12 setting despite their diverse linguistic, cultural, and academic backgrounds. Students with inconsistent/interrupted formal education (SIFE), who are a small subset of MLLs/ELs, are newcomers to the United States who have had limited, interrupted, minimal or no formal education in their countries of origins due to circumstances such as war, natural disaster, poverty, political unrest, or lack of resources.

This website provides Rhode Island educators with actionable steps on practice and procedures to meet the social, emotional, linguistic, and academic needs of SIFE.

This Google Site was developed by Dr. Rabia Hos, Associate Professor of TESOL/Bilingual and Dual Language Education, College of Education and Professional Studies: School of Education, University of Rhode Island, in her role as the Rhode Island Department of Education (RIDE) MLL/EL Ambassador, cohort 2019 and 2020. This project was sponsored and built in collaboration with RIDE. It will be continuously updated and maintained by Dr. Hos.

Map of Newcomer Programs for SIFE in Rhode Island