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Senior Tributes

Senior Yearbook Ads are a long-standing tradition and the perfect way to tell your student how proud you are of all their hard work and the awesome person they have become. This is one of the best ways to commemorate your student's achievement and to express your lasting support as he/she leaves high school and enters the adult world. Each year, the Valhalla sets aside space specifically for its graduating seniors.


To order a Senior Tribute, please first purchase the tribute through TouchBase.

Then complete the online order form below.  Remember to include ALL materials and online payment receipt number! 

Full Page Color- $310 (Approx. 10 pictures and 150 words of text)

Half Page Color- $185 (Approx. 7 pictures and 75 words of text)

1/4 Page Color- $125 (Approx. 3 pictures and 50 words of text)

1/8 Page Color- $75 (Approx. 2 pictures and 25 words of text)


Very Important Due Dates......

Sophomores and Juniors

For each Sophomore and Junior to be included in the class portrait pages of the yearbook, every students MUST sit for a Yuen Lui portrait.

Yuen Lui will be on campus on the following days:

During one of these days, it is necessary for your student to have their portrait taken. Even if you do not plan to purchase a portrait package from Yuen Lui, please remind your student to sit for a picture so that they can be included in the yearbook. Students must sit for a portrait picture to be included in the yearbook.

Best Friends and summer pictures due September 22nd, 2023. Please remember to caption photos, including the full names of everyone pictured.

Please submit only ONE photo per category!

Using either our Community Upload tool at or our Yearbook Snap app, students and parents can submit portraits and pictures directly to the Valhalla staff. Please read all the directions below before submitting. 

Using Community Upload at

Senior Portraits

Traditionally, it is the seniors who treasure their yearbooks the most. Senior year is undoubtedly the most memorable and exciting time for students. With this in mind, the senior section of the yearbook is often the most elaborate and requires the most time and diligence to produce. Pictures must be counted, the amount of pages determined, and the placing of pictures all needs to take place before publisher deadlines. To help insure the quality of this yearbook section, it is important that senior pictures and information be submitted to the yearbook staff in a timely manner.

Seniors must make appropriate appointments with private photographers to have their senior portraits submitted to Curtis High School by Friday, November 17th, 2023

* The yearbook staff will review all photos & determine final yearbook content. We cannot guarantee that all submissions can be used in the book.
Image Reminders:- Images should be in JPEG or PNG format, RGB- Maximum file size is 200MB per image

Questions? Comments? Or Concerns? Please reach out: OR 253-566-5710