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2020-2021 Season

Advanced to the State Tournament!

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for 2019-2020 CHS Invitational Tournament

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for 2019-2020 CHS Invitational Tournament

2019-2020 Full Team at Camas Tournament (December 2019)

Meeting Schedule

We meet on MONDAYS after school from 2:45 PM - 3:45 PM in the Google Classroom Meet Room (just like your regular classes' meets)

Individual Blocks may have Individual Meetings with Ms. Goodnight or Mr. Schildmeyer to check in on progress and/or evaluate competition-readiness.

Club Advisers:

Tess Goodnight - Chemistry teacher and advisor for sciences. Always brings a positive attitude and keeps the club on track.

Andy Schildmeyer - Engineering teacher and advisor for applied sciences. Master of tools and building events.

The GOOGLE FORM to sign up for the club, and to get the GOOGLE CLASSROOM join code is below:

HERE is a video you should watch if you're interested in being a CLUB OFFICER!!

We have a TOTALLY OPTIONAL way to donate to the club if you are interested:

You can click here:
To make a financial donation if you are willing and able. These donations will help the club
pay for event supplies and the costs associated with tournaments (especially Regionals and beyond)


There are 23 individual, competitive events for the 2020-2021 season. To facilitate participation in events, we have created Blocks. There are 8 Blocks to choose from, each covering 2-3 events.

Blocks A-G events are traditionally partner or group events. Block H is traditionally a solo team member. If there is someone you specifically want to work with - coordinate which block you are both interested in joining based on the events/tasks.

Take a look at each block's events with event descriptions below. The one that interests you the most is the one for you!

  • Disease Detectives - Scientifically investigate a disease, injury, health condition, and/or disabilities in populations or groups of people. This test focuses on epidemiology!

  • Designer Genes - Solve problems and analyze data and diagrams along with a knowledge of genetics, molecular genetics and biotechnology

  • Protein Modeling (Build Event)- Use computer visualization and online resources to construct a physical model of a protein to edit plan and animal genomes.

  • Anatomy and Physiology - Flex your understanding of anatomy and physiology of the human integumentary, skeletal, and muscular systems... get it?? Flex?? :)

  • Forensics - Perform a series of tests when given a scenario to solve a crime. Channel your inner crime-solver. Dramatic pauses completely optional.

  • Chem Lab - Compete in one or more tasks to answer questions involving the scientific processes involved in chemistry "based" on aqueous solutions, acids and bases.

  • Code Busters - Cryptography challenges abound with this event. Learn historical and modern ciphers to make passing notes in class more interesting!

  • Code Analysis - Findings errors in integers, unary operator, binary operators and more. If you enjoy reading computer code and telling people what they did wrong, this is an event for you!

  • Circuit Lab - Playing with wires and making connections to complete circuit-related tasks and answer questions. This event is electric and magnetic!

  • Water Quality - We are looking for some high-quality H-2-O here. In this event, you will evaluate various aquatic environments as well as practice techniques for testing various chemicals and salinity levels of water samples.

  • Dynamic Planet - What makes our planet dynamic? Oceans! Physical and geographical oceanography is the focus of this event including topography, motion of currents, and reef formations.

  • Detector Building - You build it. You code it. You test water temperatures with it to determine the temperature of any water presented to you. Thermometer? - No thank you. I made my own for this event!

  • Geologic Mapping - So many maps, so little time. Investigate, use, create, and analyze various topographic and geologic maps.

  • Fossils - Aspiring paleontologists, this event is for you! Can you dig it?

  • Sounds of Music - Make your own instrument and play it too! Create a two-octave, 12-tone, equal tempered scale and explain the physics of sound and music concepts. Take your music appreciation to a whole new level.

  • Astronomy - Are you always spacing out? This is your event! Study stars and galaxy formation and evolution.

  • Machines (compound) - Build a lever-based measuring device to determine the ratio between two masses and take a test about compound machines. Find your balance with this event!

  • Boomilever - You build it. You break it. You modify and repeat to obtain the highest level of structural efficiency! And watch everyone jump scare when the break catches them off guard!

  • Ornithology - This event is for the birds! Literally! Study facts about North American birds as well as bird anatomy, physiology, evolution, and more.

  • Write it, Do it - Do you think you have a special communication with your bestie-partner? This event will test that hypothesis! One person writes the description of some displayed object. The other person receives those directions and has to build the object they have never seen before.

  • Wright Stuff - A building event centered around a rubber band-powered monoplane or biplane. Forget simple paper airplanes to throw around the gym and create something that will stay aloft for much longer!

  • Experimental Design - Gather up two of your team partners who are free (not very solo is it?), and write key portions of an experiment to test for a mystery question. Great at solving problems like MacGyver, writing lab reports, and presenting reasonable data? Then this is the event for you!

  • Gravity Vehicle - What goes up, must come down! Use gravity to move a car you build, down a ramp you build, to stop moving at a distance set by a judge. The faster the car goes, the more accurate its stop distance, the better you will do!

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