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Our 2021-2022 Club Officers are...

(Drum Roll Please!!)

our 2021-2022 Club Officers!

President - Grace Haueisen

Senior, 4th Year in the Club

  • Interest in Biology and Anatomy/Physiology Events

Secretary - Maddie (Madison) Sotomayor

Junior, 2nd Year in the Club

  • Interest in Biology and Anatomy/Physiology Events

  • Treasurer in last year (2020-2021)

Treasurer - Jazzy (Jasmine) Belin

Senior, 3rd Year in the Club

  • Interest in Mechanics, Engineering, and Applied Sciences.

Our 2020-2021 Team Photo

Students are Sailing the Ship

2020-2021 Season

Advanced to the State Tournament!

Way to go Viks!

Laser Engraved "Medals"
for 2019-2020 CHS Invitational Tournament

Team Awards
for 2019-2020 CHS Invitational Tournament

2019-2020 Full Team at Camas Tournament (December 2019)

Meeting Schedule

We meet on MONDAYS after school. We will determine if any changes to this plan are necessary once we start having weekly meetings in the fall - usually the end of September or early October.

Individual Blocks may have Individual Meetings with Ms. Goodnight or Mr. Schildmeyer to check in on progress and/or evaluate competition-readiness.

Club Advisers:

Tess Goodnight - Chemistry teacher and advisor for sciences. Always brings a positive attitude and keeps the club on track.

Andy Schildmeyer - Structural Engineer and community advisor extraordinaire for applied sciences. Master of tools and building events.

The GOOGLE FORM to sign up for the club, and to get the GOOGLE CLASSROOM join code is below:



There are 23 individual, competitive events for the 2021-2022 season. To facilitate participation in events, we have created Blocks (groups of events that are similar). Similar to previous years, there are 8 Blocks to choose from, each covering 2-3 events.

Blocks A-G events are traditionally partner or group events. Block H is traditionally a solo team member. If there is someone you specifically want to work with - coordinate which block you are both interested in joining based on the events/tasks.

The one that interests you the most is the one for you!

2021-2022 Season Blocks

  • Anatomy and Physiology - Flex your understanding of anatomy and physiology of the human integumentary, skeletal, and muscular systems... get it?? Flex?? :)

  • Cell Biology - Do you like tiny things that are living??? If so, than this is the event for you! Why and how do things work being alive? Find out with this testing event.

  • Disease Detectives - Scientifically investigate a disease, injury, health condition, and/or disabilities in populations or groups of people. This test focuses on epidemiology!

  • Chem Lab - Compete in one or more tasks to answer questions involving the scientific processes involved in chemistry. Questions are "based" on aqueous solutions, acids and bases.

  • Environmental Chemistry - How does chemistry that happens every day around you affect the world we live in? Study this over the season and you'll be in-the-know.

  • Detector Building - You build it. You code it. You test water temperatures with it to determine the temperature of any water presented to you. Thermometer? - No thank you. I made my own for this event!

  • Dynamic Planet - What makes our planet dynamic? Oceans! Physical and geographical oceanography is the focus of this event including topography, motion of currents, and reef formations.

  • Green Generation - Sustainability, consequences of our impact on the environment and (most importantly) digesting data and finding solutions to those impacts.

  • Remote Sensing - Do you ever wonder how we know so much about things far away? We use a remote (different than the one for your TV though!). This event "focuses" on imagery, data and processes that we can use to model climate change on the third planet from the sun.

  • Forensics - Perform a series of tests when given a scenario to solve a crime. Channel your inner crime-solver. Dramatic pauses completely optional.

  • Rocks and Minerals - Do you know "Mohr" about ores and deposits than your local rock hobbyist? Than what you need to do is join this block and "rock" this event! Don't take this opportunity for "granite" and we know you'll make a lot of "sedimental" memories!

  • Bridge - Build and break (i.e. you can't get too attached to your bridge!) a wood bridge - there are a lot of things to consider to maximize the applied load. This is one of the events calling all the Lego master builders and others keen on figuring out a 3D puzzle out there!

  • Code Busters - Cryptography challenges abound with this event. Learn historical and modern ciphers to make passing notes in class more interesting!

  • WiFi Lab - Can you decode the miracle of 2.4 GHz communication? Of course you can! Build a wifi antenna and demonstrate your mastery of the airwaves.

  • Ping Pong Parachute - Build, test, refine, and launch a bottle rocket for air supremacy of the science olympiad airspace. Read the rules carefully, build your rocket, and dominate!

  • Ornithology - This event is for the birds! Literally! Study facts about North American birds as well as bird anatomy, physiology, evolution, and more.

  • Trajectory - Have you ever wanted to storm a castle? If so, then this is the event for you! You will need to build a launching device to hit a target (or two). Think of this as practice for every movie about medieval knights ever.

  • Wright Stuff - A building event centered around a rubber band-powered monoplane or biplane. Forget simple paper airplanes to throw around the gym and create something that will stay aloft for much longer!

  • Astronomy - Are you always spacing out? This is your event! Study stars and galaxy formation and evolution.

  • Write it, Do it - Do you think you have a special communication with your bestie-partner? This event will test that hypothesis! One person writes the description of some displayed object. The other person receives those directions and has to build the object they have never seen before.

  • It's About Time - Build a timer, then do your best Dr. Strange impression and become a master over time... well... sort of. If this event gives you pause, take a minute and check it out!

  • Experimental Design - Gather up two of your team partners who are free (not very solo is it?), and write key portions of an experiment to test for a mystery question. Great at solving problems like MacGyver, writing lab reports, and presenting reasonable data? Then this is the event for you!

  • Gravity Vehicle - What goes up, must come down! Use gravity to move a car you build, down a ramp you build, to stop moving at a distance set by a judge. The faster the car goes, the more accurate its stop distance, the better you will do!

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