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Class of 2021 Emergency Waiver Request Overview

Who qualifies for this waiver?

  • Seniors in the Class of 2021 who have demonstrated a good faith effort* to meet graduation requirements.

  • Seniors in the Class of 2021 who have demonstrated post-secondary preparation**

What can be waived?

Graduation requirements that can be waived under this bill include local graduation requirements (community service), Washington State History, graduation credit requirements and graduation pathways options. The waiver program is a last resort and extra tool to help students. The High School & Beyond Plan cannot be waived.

How many credits and what kind?

Up to two (2.0) elective or core credits can be waived for the Class of 2021, as long as only one (1.0) credit in each core subject area (math, English, Science, Social Studies, Arts, World Languages, Health and Fitness, or CTE) is waived, and the student graduates with no fewer than 20 total credits. Additionally, the requirements waived for the individual student will be based on those least applicable to their postsecondary plans.

Please know submission of this waiver could have limitations including, but not limited to:

  • College Academic Distribution Requirements (CADR)

  • Minimum admission standards for college and universities

  • Preparation for intended majors impacted (e.g., nursing, engineering, and other STEM fields)

  • College course placement impacted

  • Employment Eligibility

How does the application process work?

  • Students or their parents/guardians can submit an application for the Emergency Waiver by completing the link below. Once this is submitted, they will be contacted by their counselor to discuss whether or not using the Emergency Waiver is the best course of action for the student’s specific goals/situation. Students and their parents/guardians will be notified by the counselor if the waiver is approved (including what is being waived) or denied.

  • Counselors will also initiate this process for students who may qualify for this waiver.

How does the application process work? (continued)

  • If an initial decision is made to deny the waiver, the district will convene a panel with at least one counselor and educators with expertise in trauma-informed instruction and culturally responsive education. This panel will also include a special education teacher and or ELL teacher if appropriate.

  • Students or parents/guardians can appeal the decision to not grant the emergency waiver by contacting Lainey Mathews, Executive Director of Secondary education at or 253-566-5600.

If you would like to apply for this emergency waiver request, please click the link below to complete the Google Form request:

Mr. Fletcher

Mr. Fletcher


253-566-5710 x2178

picture of Ms. Edwards

Ms. edwards


253-566-5710 x2177

picture of Ms. Marsh

Ms. Marsh


253-566-5710 x2176

Mr. Tompkins

College & Career Counselor

253-566-5710 x2103

If you have any individual needs or questions, please reach out to us through email. If you need to speak with us directly, you can request a phone call or Google Meet through email and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Our contact information is listed below.

Ms. Sissom

Student Assistance Counselor


Mrs. Lindberg

Guidance Secretary


picture of Ms. Cailiier

Mrs. Caillier


253-566-5710 x.2159

Debbie Douglas

College & Career Coodinator


The Guidance & Counseling Center is located in the Student Services area of the main office. The office is open to students and parents Monday through Friday from 7:00 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. If you are a student new to our district please access new student registration information online by clicking HERE. If you need to schedule a new student appointment, please call Laurel Lindberg at 566-5713.

The Guidance & Counseling services are complemented by those provided in our College & Career Center as part of a comprehensive guidance and counseling program offered to CHS students and families.

Specific opportunities sponsored by the Guidance & Counseling Center are announced in the Daily Bulletin, special newsletters posted in classrooms, the College & Career Center, and bulletin boards located in the cafeteria foyer.

Our services include:

  • College & Career planning

  • Conflict mediation

  • Credit retrieval

  • Graduation credit checks

  • Letters of recommendation

  • New student enrollment

  • Parent information nights

  • Parent-teacher conferences

  • Post-secondary planning

  • Registration and scheduling

  • Running Start