Well-Being Centre

A Centre for nurturing the well being of Staff and Students

A Centre for nurturing the well being of Staff and Students, where students and staff can drop in for a Break ,rest, relaxation, refresh, counselling, recuperation, discussion, advice, information, internet and computer use, focus group meetings, life skill courses, creative art and leisure activities, or refreshments.

The centre will have staff trained in counselling and psychosocial support activities. In addition, outreach services could be provided at each faculty at Jaffna, Kilinochchi and Vavuniya. A mentorship and befriending programme by trained senior students will be available through this centre

Help Desk :

For Counseling: Mrs. Savithirithevy Ravichandran (Counseling - in-Charge)

Admin: Mr.S.Aynkaran (AR/Welfare) : 0777570106

WeBe Helpline and Office phone: 021 221 4067

(available 24 hours , daily)

FHC Youth Forum - Final - .pdf

The Youth Forum is organized by the Department of Community and Family Medicine and launched through Family Health Centre to train graduates to support for the well-being of the students.

Coordinator and Officer in-Charge of the Program -


Dept of Community and Family Medicine

Faculty of Medicine ,

University of Jaffna

Student counselors are under training to psycho-social counseling - the next schedule will be announced soon. Training Programs are in schedule and the participants list is awaited from each faculty.

First Training Program on "Counselling" was conducted from 21.01.2019 to 24.01.2019 and Prof. Rachel Tribe from East London, UK and Prof Daya Somasundaram, Dr Sivathas, Dr S.Sivayogan and Rev Fr Damian served as resource persons. Staff members nominated by the Faculties and Units participated this training program.

Progress on Proposal submitted for the approval of renovation of building for Well-Being Centre

The National Planning department requested to submit the proposal in the new format. DR/Capital Works is preparing the proposal in the new format as prescribed.


  • A meeting was held with Ms.Fumi Ito, Consultant, Grant Assistance for Grassroots Human Security Projects (GGP) of Embassy of Japan on 11.10.2018 regarding funding for renovation of the building to be used for the Centre.
  • Peace Education Program conducted at the Faculty of Arts by University Students Union ended and the participants are receiving Certificates on Sunday, 12.08.2018
  • The Centre is functioning at the Student Complex (former Exam Branch), 1st Floor.
  • The Regional Centres at Kilinochchi and Vavuniya are also located and arrangements are made to function the centres with the required facilities.

WeBe Management Committee

  • WeBe Special Management Committee Meeting was held on 07.08.2018, Tuesday at 9.00 am with the Representatives of JMFOA at the Board Room of the University of Jaffna.
  • Development of Roadmap for the WeBe Centre is in progress.
  • The Schedule of the regular meeting will be informed you soon

WeBe Regional Committee

  1. WeBe Regional Committee - Jaffna 2nd Meeting held on 14.03.2019
  2. WeBe Regional Committee - Jaffna 1st Meeting held on 13.09.2018

WeBe Centre of University of Jaffna is also collaborating with Prof. Rachel Tribe - Refugee Mental Health & Well-being Portal of University of East London . Prof Rachel Tribe has visited several times to the University and trained many staff on Counseling.

School of Psychology, College of Applied Health and Communities, University of East London, Stratford Campus, Water Lane, London E15 4lZ


The special Management Meeting of the WeBe Centre was held on 07.08.2018, Tuesday at 9.00 am at the Board Room of the University of Jaffna. The members of the JMFOA Australia also participated.