HyperKähler manifolds and related geometries

Cetraro (Cosenza) - August 28 – September 03, 2022

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Scientific Directors:

G. Mongardi, Bologna Univ., Italy

K. G. O’Grady, Sapienza Univ. Roma, Italy

G. Pacienza, Univ. Lorraine, France


Olivier Debarre, Univ. Paris (ex Paris 7) - The geometry of Gushel-Mukai varieties

Christian Lehn, Chemnitz Technische Univ. - Singular varieties with trivial canonical class

Emanuele Macrì, Univ. Paris-Saclay - Non commutative K3 surfaces, with application to HyperKähler and Fano manifolds

Kieran G. O’Grady, La Sapienza Univ. Roma - The geometry of projective HyperKähler manifolds

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This School is supported by:

  • Dipartimento di Matematica, Università di Bologna;

  • Laboratory Ypatia of Mathematical Sciences (LYSM).