Permanent Researchers

Giorgio Bertorelle (principal investigator)

I am interested in understanding patterns of genetic and genomic variation in different species. Evolutionary biology, conservation, and population genetics are the key words of my studies. Email: ggb[at]unife[dot]it Google Scholar

Silvia Fuselli

I am a geneticist with an interest in how evolution shapes genetic variation within and between species. My current interests are in the field of conservation genetics, molecular evolution of genomes and regressive traits. Email: fss[at]unife[dot]it Google Scholar

Andrea Benazzo

My research focuses on reconstructing the evolutionary processes that shaped the genome of a species using the information contained in whole genomes and transcriptomes. I am interested in developing efficient bioinformatic pipelines to analyse NGS data and using full or approximate likelihood to study complex evolutionary histories. Google Scholar

Post Docs

Sibelle Torres Vilaça

My research interests focus on population evolution as a mean to inform conservation strategies through the use of modern statistical and genomics methods. I am particularly interested in applying evolutionary and population genetics to endangered wildlife species to better inform management strategies.

E-mail: trrsll[at]unife[dot]it Google Scholar

Francesco Maroso

I am fascinated by the huge amount of information hidden in the genome, and I am curious to look into it to find the footprints of evolution and adaptation. These information are also the starting point for the development of tools for the conservation of the biodiversity and the development of a sustainable primary production.

Francesca Raffini

I am broadly interested in natural sciences, particularly biology. My research experience has revolved around understanding how biological, environmental and evolutionary processes within and among populations or species produce biodiversity and adaptations, and how to preserve them.

Google Scholar.

Maëva Gabrielli

I am interested in the evolutionary processes generating diversity on our planet. More specifically, I make use of genomics tools to uncover the past evolutionary history of populations and species, with potential applications to conservation management. Google Scholar

PhD and Graduate Students

Alice Fraser

I am a PhD student studying patterns of genomic variation in three species of Alpine grouse. My research interests include conservation and population genetics and genomics.


Francesca Lioce

I am a PhD student investigating if past and current human activities may have any effect on the current level of genetic diversity and potential adaptive capacity of the Alpine chamois. I am interested in population genetics, genomics and in general in the application of omics techniques to conservation issue.


Giada Padovani

I am a master graduate in Biodiversity and Evolution. I am working on forward simulations on Marsican brown bear (Ursus arctos marsicanus) populations, investigating if a genetic rescue could increase their fitness. I am interested in Natural Sciences, in particular Evolutionary Biology and Population Genetics.

Cristina Sagnotti

My research interests as a PhD student focus on conservation genetics, particularly on non-invasive genetic and genomic monitoring programs for non-human primate species. My previous research experience has been focused on the ecology and behaviour of Sulawesi macaques.

Lucia Zanovello

I am a PhD student studying alpine amphibian communities biodiversity by means of an innovative approach (environmental DNA), both at species and population level. I also aim at detecting amphibian pathogens with the same approach and correlate their presence, as well as amphibian species richness, with habitat characteristics. My research interests include Conservation Genetics, Population Genetics, and Evolutionary Biology.

Victor Hugo Muñoz Mora

My research interests revolve around the study of evolutionary biology, ecology, phylogeography and conservation biology with the application of molecular methodologies. My current interests are in the field of conservation and population genomics.

Master Students

Marta Lago

I am a master student in Evolutionary Biology and I am working on the evolution of the lungfish genome: my main purpose is to look for signs of relaxed selective pressure, which could be a possible cause of the genome's giant size. In order to do this, I will analyse a big set of orthologous genes, highly conserved in Vertebrates, through phylogenetic approaches of maximum likelihood (CODEML, RELAX). I am mainly interested in evolution and in conservation biology.

Corrado Meneghetti

I am a master student in Evolutionary Biology and I am currently interested in the evolution of genome architecture. My work focuses on the role of transposable elements and their control apparatus in shaping the evolution of giant genomes, with particular regard to the Australian lungfish (Neoceratodus forsteri). My work is based on the analysis of genome and transcriptome sequencing data through specific bioinformatics tools, in order to achieve a better understanding of the molecular and evolutionary mechanisms related to genome size expansion.

Former Members

Post Doc fellows

PhD students

  • Roberto Biello (webpage)

  • Alex Panziera

  • Luca Cornetti

  • Davide Besaggio

  • Barbara Crestanello

  • Elena Pecchioli

Master Students

  • Giorgia Del Cioppo

  • Costanza Lauria

  • Filippo Garduzzo

  • Noemi Giurintano

  • Cecilia Paradiso

  • Antonia Pellizzone

  • Alice Iob

  • Maria Luisa Boglino

  • Camilla Broggini

  • Isabella Casarotti

  • Giulia Fabbri

  • Silvia Guglielmi

  • David Vendrami

  • Rita Tonin

  • Diana Callegari

  • Francesca De Gaetano

  • Sara Mantovani

  • Lidia Migliori

  • Deborah Patroncini

  • Marco Ferrari

  • Erika Franzoni

  • Paolo D’Annibale

  • Luca Mirimin

  • Enrico Melli