Population Genetics and Genomics

[Genetica di Popolazioni e Genomica]

Department of Life Sciences and Biotechnology, University of Ferrara, Italy


2023. We successfully organized the SMBE2023 meeting in Ferrara!

2023. The project "Global warming now and then: the speed and load factors affecting the success or failure of a range expansion", funded by the Italian Ministry for Research (MUR), just started. 

2023. Congratulations to Francesca Lioce for successfully defending her PhD thesis!

2022. Ettore Fedele and Patricia Santos joined the group as PostDoc fellows. 

2022. PhD and Postdoc positions available, check the link.

2022. Roberto Biello re-joined the group to work on the Endemixit project and the genomic study of Testudo hermanni

2022. The Rufford Fundation has awarded a small grant to sample the moor macaque in Sulawesi. 

2021. The Ethoikos Fundation renewed the support to our research on the moor macaque providing additional 15 months of fellowship to Cristina Sagnotti.

2020. Cristina Sagnotti obtained a  PhD position.

2020. Lucia Zanovello started her PhD project in collaboration with the Mach Foundation and the MUSE museum in Trento.

2020. Victor Hugo Munoz Mora joined the group as a PhD student with funding from MIUR

2020. Maëva Gabrielli joined the group as a Post-Doc fellow with funding from MIUR

2020. The Ethoikos Fundation will support for one year the research on moor macaque  with a fellowship to Cristina Sagnotti

2020. Our big project on whole-genome analyses in 5 Italian endemic species (www.endemixit.com) was funded by the Italian Ministry MIUR

2020. Francesco Maroso was renewed as Post-Doc fellow with funding from MIUR and University of Ferrara

2020. The NGO Green Teen Team (GTT) funded a short fellowship awarded to Rajiv Boscolo

2019. We were selected to host the 2022 (now 2023 due to Covid-19) meeting of SMBE

2019. Sibelle Vilaca joined the group with a Marie-Curie fellowship

2019. The Carabinieri Forestali (a section of the Carabinieri Corp) renewed the funding to genetically test captive tortoises

2019. Francesca Lioce started her PhD project in collaboration with the Fondazione Edmund Mach

2019. Francesca Raffini joined the group with a fellowship from the University of Ferrara

2019. Roberto Biello defended his PhD thesis and moved to UK for a Post-Doc

2019. Emiliano Trucchi got a tenure track position at the University of Ancona

2019. Antonia Pellizzone, Cristina Sagnotti, Cecilia Paradiso, and Isabel Fraccaroli defended their Master thesis