CumInCAD is a Cumulative Index about publications in Computer Aided Architectural Design supported by the sibling associations ACADIA, CAADRIA, eCAADe, SIGraDi, ASCAAD and CAAD futures. CumInCAD was designed and created by Prof. Bob Martens, Vienna University of Technology (Austria) and Prof. Ziga Turk, University of Ljubljana (Slovenia) in 1998. It was significantly enhanced during the IST SciX project (2002-2004). From 2016 on the repository was directed towards Open Access and on top of this fully relaunched by Prof. Tomo Cerovsek, University of Ljubljana (Slovenia).


The International Journal of Architectural Computing is a peer-reviewed journal founded by the CAAD sister organizations, dedicated to promoting collaborative research and development of computer-aided architectural design. IJAC is committed to deepening the understanding of the foundations of digital systems for architectural design and the technologies enabling their development and application.