CAAD Futures Foundation

The Foundation

CAAD Futures was set up under Dutch law in 1985 with three founding members; Tom Maver, Rik Schijf, and Harry Wagter with the purpose of promoting, through international conferences and publications, the advancement of Computer Aided Architectural Design in the service of those concerned with the quality of the built environment with initial capital provided by the Housing Ministry of the Netherlands Government. 

Many decades later, no longer based in the Netherlands, the Foundation continues to play a major global role in advancing the field and documenting progress in research with its biennial conference.  We work in collaboration with the several regionally focused groups that have been established over these years to support and cultivate a richly diverse research community. 

The mission of the CAAD Futures foundation continues to be:

Next Conference

The CAAD Futures 2025 conference will take place in Asia. If you are in Asia and are interested in hosting the conference in 2025 at your institution, please email any board member by the end of September, 2023.

The CAAD Futures 2027 conference will take place in the Americas.

Board members

The current board members of the CAAD Futures Foundation are: