BEE4712 & BEE4724

Faculty of Electrical & Electronics Engineering, Universiti Malaysia Pahang

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FYP1 and FYP2 Schedules 2020/21 SEM 2

FYP 20-21-2 Date.xlsx

Officially, these courses are named as Engineering Projects, or more specifically ENGINEERING PROJECT 1 (BEE4712) and ENGINEERING PROJECT 2 (BEE4724) as you can find in your course structure. However, due to historical reason (?), these courses are often mentioned as PSM which stands for Projek Sarjana Muda, or sometimes FYP which stands for Final Year Project. Obviously, PSM1 refers to BEE4712 and PSM2 refers to BEE4724.




Kaedah Penghantaran Final Thesis PSM2

  1. Thesis yang siap sepenuhnya handaklah diupload menggunakan googleform yang telah disediakan.

2. Tiada penghantaran ke Email 2nd Evaluator.

3. Tarikh akhir penghantaran adalah pada 21 Jan 2021 (Khamis).

4. Tiada penghantaran atau perubahan dibenarkan selapas dari tarikh ini.

5. Markah SV dan 2nd Evaluator adalah berdasarkan thesis yang dihantar di googleform ini.

6. SV dan 2nd Evaluator akan mula menyemak bermula 22 Jan 2021 (Jumaat).