School of Nursing Laboratory of Clinical Exercise Physiology

The School of Nursing Laboratory of Clinical Exercise Physiology (SoNLCEP) supports investigators conducting multidisciplinary and translational research related to exercise for disease prevention and management in the School of Nursing and the rest of the University of Minnesota’s Academic Health Center.

Dr. Salisbury and his staff provide consulting services for investigators in all stages of career and study development. Services include: concept development, implementation, assessment, staff training, and fidelity and quality assurance assistance. We support local, investigator-initiated studies and also very large, complex, nationwide, multi-center clinical trials (phase I-IV).

The Lab supports government, foundation and industry-sponsored studies and has a proven track record of successfully assisting investigators in securing internal and external research funding (e.g., CTSI pilot funding, AHA awards, NIH K-awards, R03s, R21s, R01s, and Program grants).

The Lab

The SoNLCEP performs physiological measurements for translational cardiovascular and cardiopulmonary research across several clinical populations. The SoNLCEP is a 4 room laboratory in which the following are performed;

Room 1 – cardiopulmonary exercise testing

Room 2 – resting physiological assessment

Room 3 – exercise training

Room 4 – patient consent, consult, and presentation

The distinctive feature of this center is a MGA 1100 Mass Spectrometer that provides a complete cardiorespiratory and metabolic panel and an acetylene wash-in method for measurement of cardiac output. The cardiopulmonary testing can be performed on a:

Treadmill (Cardiac Science TM55)

Upper body ergometer (Lode Angio with automated stand - 917900)

Cycle ergometer (Precor 842i) complete with 12 lead ECG (Quinton Q-Stress)

In addition to cardiopulmonary testing, the SoNLCEP is equipped to measure arterial health and endothelial function (Complior ®, EndoPat 2000®, Venous Occlusion, Plethysmography, Summit Doppler Vista ABI L450VA Vascular System), tissue oxygen saturation with near infrared spectroscopy (NIRS), transcutaneous oxygen tension (Radiometer TCM400 Oximeter), resting blood pressure (Welch Allyn ProBP 3400) and static and dynamic lung function (VMax 2900 metabolic cart and spirometer).

In addition to physiological assessment, the SoNLCEP provides supervised aerobic exercise training and telemetry with:

2 treadmills (Quinton Medtrack CR60)

2 cycle ergometers (Precor 842i)

3 upper body ergometers (Monark Ergomedic 828E).

The SoNLCEP is located at on the East Bank of the University of Minnesota and is staffed by 2 graduate research assistants employed by the School of Nursing and under the direct supervision of the Director.