Take a week to explore research opportunities for psychology undergrads...

A week of focused information about the Undergrad Student Research experience in Psychology

Getting Started

Day 1

Welcome to Research in Psychology Week! 

We are excited to offer undergraduate students this opportunity to explore current Psychology research labs and projects. You will be able to: learn about our faculty, hear from other students, and consult with our advising staff this week. Today, start to explore this website and watch the Introduction video. Afterward, explore some previous event recordings, follow the to-do list, and make your plan for the week.

Department of Undergraduate Advising Psychology offers drop-in hours if you have any questions or concerns relating to your research and meet with a full-time advisor for a quick chat

Internship & Research Workshop

Day 2

Your real-world experience through internships and research may help you determine who or what topic you want to study in the field of Psychology.

Join this exciting opportunity to learn more about tips and tricks for finding your research lab. Also, explore your opportunity outside of campus by learning more about internships. 

Internship Info Session 

RSVP: https://z.umn.edu/PsyInternRSVP

Psychology Research Workshop:

RSVP: z.umn.edu/ResearchWorkshopSP23

Explore your Resources

Day 3

Does anyone miss meeting our full-time advisors in person? We are back! Our advising department is offering an in-person drop-in option. Just come by our department during the designated hours and you can meet our full-time advisor in person.
Let's look at our past events that can help you gain more information about Research in Psychology:We have a lot more options in our "past events" tab. 

Advice from Students

Day 4

Today, read through some of the awesome advice provided by your fellow peers currently in a research lab!
Finding research can be overwhelming but you are not alone. The purpose of today's topic is to hear from past students and how they are finding the perfect research for themselves. 
Resources that can help you:The Faculty Look Book is a guide to finding a research professor based on your interest and tips on how to communicate with your professor.
Expanded Options
A young kid wearing EEG headset in a lab

Day 5

On this final day of Research in Psychology Week - we highlight research opportunities beyond the  Department of Psychology. 
Find more research opportunities through our list of Psychology Adjunct Faculty that may serve as mentors for PSY 4993 credit.
And, check out the amazing research opportunities at the Institute for Child Development (ICD)! Explore ICD's research page and research lab videos (link below). 
Note: CPSY 4994 credit may be applied to the Psychology Major and meets the requirement for Psychology Elective credit and for the PSY BS Capstone requirement for PSY 4/5993. Inquire about taking CPSY 4994 for 3 credits as a PSY Major.
Finally, you can also check opportunities with UROP (Undergrad Research Opportunities Program). We have the following videos for more information on UROP: