On this page you will find a selection of essential resources for Global Health education, including guides, articles, curricula, and trainee resources. 

In the Summer of 2018, the American Board of Pediatrics Global Health Task Force publishing a comprehensive, practical resource for pediatric program directors to incorporate global health education into their respective training programs. This resource includes ready to use templates forms, examples of global health curricula, information on global health fellowships and careers in global health, information on partnerships and bidirectional exchanges, and much, much more.

Essential Articles in GH Education

In order to provide a streamlined bibliography, each spring the GHLC Steering Committee votes on articles that are essential reads for global health educators. 

Also, here is a list of journals which publish global health education work.

Online Global Health Curricula

Resources for Global Health Trainees



Videos developed to train front-line health workers in resource-limited settings: 

Resources for Creating a GLOBAL HEALTH Passport

The APPD GHLC has shared examples with GH educators about how to create a GH Passport for tracking and administering multiple different learning options for a given learning objective.

Strategies for earning american board of pediatrics maintenance of certification (MOC) Part 4 credit for global health education quality improvement

At the Spring 2018 APPD Meeting, several members of the GHLC Steering Committee led a workshop on how to approach global health education initiatives with a quality improvement lens, and then apply for this work to earn MOC Part 4 Credit. The links below include the slides from this session, blank template forms, and completed forms using the case example. 

Authored by members of the Global Health Learning Community: Joanne Mendoza, Amy Rule, Kathy Ferrer, Emilia Connolly, and Nikki St. Clair

ABP Sponsored MOC4 Credit For Improving Your GH Program

Log on to your account

• Click on My MOC dashboard

• Scroll down to Quality Improvement (Part 4) and click it

• Click on Online Modules

• Under filter options, type “global health” and you will see the first Global Health Education Quality Improvement Project Template!


Global Pediatric Fellowship

Boston Children's Hospital

David N. Pincus Global Health Fellowship Program

Children's Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP)

Global, Rural, and Underserved Child Health Fellowship

Primary Children's Hospital/University of Utah