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Every year, global health educators from all across the country submit abstracts of their work in education and curriculum development domestically and abroad at the APPD Spring Meeting.

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Current projects

welcome to the newest GHLC members!

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See the abstracts that were presented at the 2024 spring appd Meeting!

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Support the global pediatric educator scholarship

Help us provide a scholarship opportunity for pediatric educators in low and middle income countries!

As members of the APPD Global Health Learning Community we are privileged to meet pediatric educators from around the globe who seek to improve child health by advancing pediatric education in their countries. We know that continued efforts to improve global child health in part depend on the development of a high quality pediatric workforce through quality training programs. We are also aware of the resources we enjoy through APPD, a community that encourages us to improve our teaching and education research, and provides us with like-minded colleagues, mentors, and career development opportunities.

Thanks to dozens of generous donors over the past few years, we have hosted pediatric educators from Laos, Ghana, Ethiopia, Bhutan, Mozambique, Guatemala, Haiti, Sierra Leone, Vietnam, and Malawi.

Hosting them at the meeting and hearing about their work was inspiring!

We are now raising funds to bring additional pediatric educators to next year’s Spring Meeting.

Estimated costs are $3700 per awardee. To donate online go to:

Donations are tax deductible.   Call for nominees will go out this fall.

For questions contact Christiana Russ, APPD past-chair GHLC:

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Past presentations at appd

2023 APPD Spring Meeting (Atlanta)

2022 APPD Spring Meeting (San Diego)

2019 APPD Spring Meeting (New Orleans)

2018 APPD Spring Meeting (Atlanta)

2017 APPD Spring Meeting (Anaheim)

2016 APPD Spring Meeting (New Orleans)

2015 APPD Spring Meeting (Orlando)

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