Engineering World Health Minnesota Chapter

We inspire, educate, and empower the biomedical engineering community to improve healthcare delivery in the developing world. 

Welcome to the Engineering World Health Minnesota Chapter

This organization exists as a student chapter of the national organization, Engineering World Health

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As a student chapter we engage future healthcare innovators on the local and global scale by:


EWH Minnesota Chapter was founded on a love of learning and a passion for helping others. 

Our chapter was founded in 2015.

Design competition 2019 problem

Pediatric IV delivery systems are virtually non-existent in third world hospitals. It's very common for children to receive damaged IV lines and inconsistent medication delivery due to the large size of medical pumps.


Our goal was to create a technology for healthcare workers that does not require extensive training. With that in mind, we built a low cost and easily programmable pediatric pump. It allows for healthcare providers to interface with the device through a simple keypad. A stepper motor accurately provides flow rates low enough to provide the correct dosage to children. Our pediatric pump won 3rd place in the EWH Design Competition!

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