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Profile of Our Institution

Information about graduate medical education at the University of Minnesota is available on this webpage. The webpage includes our Statement of Commitment, Goals for Graduate Medical Education and our Diversity Statement.

Introduction/Explanation of Manual

This manual is intended to acquaint otolaryngology residents and fellows with the programs and policies that are unique to this department. Information is included about policies, procedures, services, and administration. We hope you will use this information to enrich your academic experience here.

The information contained in this manual pertains to all clinical residents and fellows in the

Department of Otolaryngology, except for those in the Facial Plastics and Reconstructive Surgery fellowship. Fellows in Facial Plastics and Reconstructive Surgery are hired as faculty instructors: see Institution Manual to determine which Graduate Medical Education policies apply to instructors, and see Fellowship Addendum, included in this manual, for more information.

Department of Otolaryngology Mission Statement

The Department of Otolaryngology is committed to the overall objectives of the University of Minnesota and its Medical School in maintaining the highest standards of academic excellence in programs of undergraduate and graduate medical education, in the application of necessary clinical services to patients, continuing medical education for physicians, and basic and applied research to clinical problems.

Educational Program Curriculum

The Otolaryngology Residency Educational Program/Curriculum is the educational and curriculum goals for residents and fellows intended for use together with the Graduate Medical Education Institution Policy Manual, available online at: and this Department of Otolaryngology Program Policy and Procedure Manual.

The GME Institution Manual ( is designed to be an umbrella policy manual. Some programs may have policies that are more rigid than the Institution Manual in which case the program policy will be followed. Should a policy in a Program Manual conflict with the Institution Manual, the Institution Manual will take precedence.