2019 Lean in Higher education International Conference

November 6-8, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA
The peer organization for people working to apply Lean and similar approaches in Higher Education (HE). Lean HE aims to ensure that continuous improvement philosophies within Higher Education are themselves always improving. We do this for the good of all those whom HE serves.

Lean Forward


November 6 - 8, 2019

Since the term “lean” was first coined over 30 years ago, this way of thinking and acting has spread across industries and from peer to peer, as we share ideas and take advantage of many lessons learned. We’ve come so far!

Lean HE’s mission began 5 years ago, at a conference at Coventry University in the UK, with hopes to connect lean practitioners in Higher Ed, to share experiences about how they’ve made an impact, to learn from each other what works in a university setting, and then use that knowledge to make things better for those we serve: the students, the staff, the faculty, and our communities.

Since then, the Lean HE network has grown to a community of over 2,200 global practitioners, reaching across three continental divisions. Looking at everything we know now, this is the perfect time to take the next big step! We can see the opportunities to make things more effective, more efficient, and help keep the transformative power of Higher Ed accessible to all. Come share your latest insights and methods and how they’re moving you forward. Come learn what others are trying and help spark innovations we can all use.

Lean HE and the University of Michigan are excited to welcome everyone to beautiful Ann Arbor, affectionately known as “Tree Town.” Come join us where you’ll find warm support and inspiration for your next breakthrough. We invite you to Lean Forward and help us all go further together.

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November 6 - 8, 2019

Questions or Feedback? Email: LeanHE2019@umich.edu