Research Areas

We have studied a variety of topics in design optimization and design science, including:

Product design and decision making

Preference elicitation, preference structures and assessment • Learning algorithms and mathematical models of crowdsourcing • Emotional design quantification: Aesthetics and proportionality, perception of sustainability behavior modification through design

System design optimization and product development

Decomposition and coordination strategies for large-scale systems, multidisciplinary design optimization (MDO) • Design for market systems: Enterprise-wide business, marketing, engineering, public policy and economic considerations • Analytical target cascading and analytical target setting • Optimal design of product platforms, portfolios, and product lines

Optimal design theory and algorithms

Monotonicity analysis • Global, parametric, mixed-discrete, and Pareto optimization • Distributed, multilevel, multidisciplinary system optimization Artificial intelligence, expert systems and nonlinear mathematical optimization • Optimal design under uncertainty • Co-design: Combined optimal design and optimal control

Applications in systems and product design

Analytical craftsmanship • Architectural design • Automotive systems, especially hybrid and electric powertrains • Electromagnetic systems, especially antennas • Manufacturing and design integration • Structural design • Sustainable products and systems

Current Projects

For current research projects please visit the ODE Laboratory Research page .