What's this for?

The DEI Taskforce wants to create a space where trainees can submit reports of different discriminatory incidents that they might want another entity to know about. Some departments do not facilitate a sense of survivor/reporter choice or safety, so the goal of this reporting mechanism is to do that for them. The Taskforce will be serving as "messengers" for those who wish to report incidents but want to remain entirely anonymous but present in a database, anonymous to their department, or do not want to approach their department without the assistance and support of a staunch trainee ally.


Do I have to let the DEI Taskforce know who I am?

  • No. You can choose to have your report be 100% anonymous and use this reporting form to report a troubling incident to the DEI Taskforce, a third-party organization.

Is the DEI Taskforce a mandatory reporter?

  • No. We will not report your incident to other UMich administrators unless you wish to do so.

Do there have to be consequences from reporting an incident?

  • No. You can choose to reveal your name (or not) to the Taskforce, report an incident, and no action need be taken.

Is your database of reports hosted on a University of Michigan gmail client? Could they potentially access that content if they so choose?

  • No, this database is hosted independent of any University of Michigan affiliation. There is no chance University officials could access this information without speaking to Taskforce leadership.

What's the point of reporting an incident to you at all if I don't want any action taken and I want to remain anonymous?

  • There are two main reasons why even those reports are important: 1) Discriminatory incidents take a toll on the well-being of trainees, which can be slightly relieved if at least some outside entity is also aware of the event; 2) While the DEI Taskforce will never tell your department about your report unless you indicate otherwise, all reports are useful for keeping a pulse on the overall culture of your department. For example, if we see that there are 25 reports of racist incidents in a single department, we may approach the department or PIBS admins about addressing the culture of the department in general without ever bringing up your report at all.

Can I use the Taskforce to develop a plan of action to make my environment more inclusive?

  • Yes. The DEI Taskforce has much experience in navigating tricky academic situations so that trainees from oppressed social identities are in a more inclusive environment. You will be able to indicate if you want us to contact you in the form.

I don’t mind revealing my identity to the DEI Taskforce, but I fear revealing my identity to members of my department will result in retaliation. Can I reveal my identity to the DEI Taskforce but not to anyone else?

  • Yes. We can work with you so that your concerns are heard but your identity remains unknown to members of your department.