New Grants

Principal Investigators in bold. These are the grants listed by ORSP as having been awarded September 2017 – April 2018.

Jeremy Bassis, Probabilistic Projections of Sea-Level Change from Ice Sheet and Earth System Models, $624,999, Los Alamos National Security, LLC, DOE

Jeremy Bassis, NSFPLR-NERC: Disintegration of Marine Ice-Sheets: Novel Optimised Simulations (DOMINOS), $246,020, NSF

Stephen Bougher, Exoplanetary Space Weather, Climate and Habitability: Consequences of Atmospheric Loss, $104,743, UCAR, NASA

Stephen Bougher, SmallSat Mission Concept to Investigate Seismicity on Venus Using Airglow Measurements, $50,000, JPL, NASA

Michael Combi, U.S. Rosetta Project for Phase E: VIRTIS Science Support FY17-FY18, $121,500, JPL, NASA

Michael Combi, Nicolas Fougere, Deep Impact Narrowband Imaging of the Gas and Dust around Tempel 1, $79,681, University of Maryland, The, NASA

Michael Combi, Stephen Bougher, Valeriy Tenishev, The Effects of the Upper Atmosphere and Corona on the Solar Wind Interaction with Venus, $606,871, NASA

R Paul Drake, Collaborative Research in Hydrodynamics and Radiation Hydrodynamics at High Energy Density, $200,920, University of Rochester, DOE

Richard Frazin, Ward Manchester IV, Development of Tomographic Reconstruction Algorithms in Support of the WISPR Science Analysis Efforts, $129,972, Praxis, Inc

George Gloeckler, Jason Gilbert, SWICS and SWIMS Instruments for the Advanced Composition Explorer (ACE): Mission Operations and Data Analysis FY18-22, $916,900, Cal Tech, NASA

Tamas Gombosi, Valeriy Tenishev, Kenneth Hansen, Igor Sokolov, U.S. Rosetta Project for, ROSINA INSTRUMENT FY18 supplement, $200,000, JPL, NASA

Tamas Gombosi, Kenneth Hansen, Interdisciplinary Scientist (IDS) for the Cassini Interdisciplinary Magnetosphere and Plasma Investigation: MO&DA Efforts, Solstice Mission, Phase F Close Out FY18, $406,000, JPL, NASA

Bartholomeus van der Holst, Justin Kasper, An Investigation of the Differential Flow, Anisotropic Heating, and Abundance Variations of Helium in the Solar Wind, $429,231, University of New Hampshire, NASA

Xianzhe Jia, Understanding Jupiter's magnetosphere through global MHD simulations, $45,000, NASA

Justin Kasper, Correlators for Synthetic Apertures in Space, $56,250, JPL, NASA

Justin Kasper, NESS (Network for Exploration & Space Science) SSERVI, $272,328, University of Colorado Boulder, NASA

Justin Kasper, Ward Manchester IV, SunRise Phase A, $75,000, NASA

Justin Kasper, James Slavin, Xianzhe Jia, PIMS Science- Planetary Instrument for Magnetic Sounding Phase B Extended, $31,515, Johns Hopkins University, NASA

Justin Kasper, PIMS Preamp- Planetary Instrument for Magnetic Sounding Phase A Extended/Phase B and ROM Phase C/D, $571,447, Johns Hopkins University, NASA

Paul Keiter, Demonstration of Electron Density Diagnostic in Laser Target Interactions Using Talbot-Lau X-ray Deflectometry (TXD), $100,000, Johns Hopkins University, DOE

Gretchen Keppel-Aleks, Quantifying Feedbacks and Uncertainties of Biogeochemical Processes in the Earth System-Renewal, $224,992, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, DOE

Gretchen Keppel-Aleks, Quantifying drivers of sub-seasonal variations in total carbon column dioxide for improved flux estimation - NESSF, $45,000, NASA

Margaret Kivelson, Cassini Magnetometer Investigation (MAG) Support, Phase F Closeout FY18, $20,000, JPL, NASA

Eric Kort, Offshore Oil & Gas Study with EDF, $10,000, EDF, United Nations Environment Programme

Susan Lepri, ACE/SWICS Energy Spectra FY18, $34,998, NASA

Susan Lepri, Coronal Hole Evolution and the Slow Solar Wind, $14,600, Predictive Science Inc., NASA

Susan Lepri, Jim Raines, Stefano Livi, SOHIS-Livi Supplement, $140,083, SwRI, NASA

Michael Liemohn, Shasha Zou, Daniel Welling, Natalia Ganjushkina, PREEVENTS Track 2: Collaborative Research: CHARGED- Comprehensive Hazard Analysis for Resilience to Geomagnetic Extreme Disturbances, $1,183,666, NSF

German Martinez, Investigating the Martian near-surface water exchange: Insights from comparisons at polar and equatorial latitudes, $23,900, USRA, NASA

Darren McKague, Dust-Off! Advancing the Distributed Universal Satellite Technologies (DUST) Concept to Flight, $10,000, JPL, NASA

Mark Moldwin, REU: Collaborative Research: Studies of Magnetospheric and Ionospheric Dynamics using the Magnetometer Array for Cusp and Cleft Studies (MACCS), $5,000, NSF

Andrew Nagy, Cassini Mission Team Member: Radio Science Team Extended Mission Phase F Closeout FY18, $82,999, JPL, NASA

Christopher Parkinson, Carbon, oxygen, and sulfur chemistry on Venus in three dimensions: time, altitude, and latitude, $21,200, Space Science Institute, NASA

Jim Raines, Constraining Mercury's Ion and Neutral Exosphere with Coordinated MESSENGER Data Analysis and Global Modeling-Supplement, $24,000, UMBC, NASA

Jim Raines, Reconnection-associated acceleration and dynamics at Mercury, $45,000, NASA

Nilton Renno, Aerosols, Clouds, and their Interaction, $10,000, Harris Corporation

Nilton Renno, Characterizing a New Electric Field Sensor for Mars Electrostatic Discharges, $8,000, JPL, NASA

Aaron Ridley, High-Resolution, Multi-scale Dynamics of the CoupledThermosphere/Ionosphere/Plasmasphere System, $436,396, DOD - Navy

Christopher Ruf, Enabling Multi-platform Mission Planning and Operations Simulation Environments for Adaptive Remote Sensors, $200,000, Ohio State University, The, NASA

James Slavin, Stefano Livi, STROFIO Investigation Science Support FY18 supplement, $140,083, SwRI, NASA

Igor Sokolov, Ward Manchester IV, Magnetic Data Driven Global Model for Simulating the Solar Atmosphere and Inner Heliosphere in Real Time, $725,762, NASA

Valeriy Tenishev, Natalia Ganjushkina, Tamas Gombosi., Michael Liemohn, Dmitry

Borovikov, Effect of solar variability on the geospace radiation environment, $890,765, NASA

Gabor Toth, Daniel Welling, Michigan Space Weather Modeling Framework, $188,913, NOAA

Gabor Toth, Mars Atmosphere and Volatile Evolution Mission (MAVEN), Extended Mission Phase, $40,805, UCLA, NASA

Gabor Toth, Michael Liemohn, GEM: Quantifying the Effects of Inductive Electric Fields in the Terrestrial Magnetosphere, $64,114, University of Illinois-Urbana-Champaign, NSF

Daniel Welling, Gabor Toth, Quantifying the variability of equatorial electrodynamics during disturbed geomagnetic conditions using first-principle models, $190,554, University of Colorado Boulder, NASA