New Grants

Principal Investigators in bold. These are the grants listed by ORSP as having been awarded September 2017 – April 2018.

Sushil Atreya, Mars Science Laboratory Sample Analysis at MARS (MSL/SAM), $360,00, NASA

Michael Combi, US Rosetta Project for Phase E: VIRTIS Science Support, $187,000, NASA-JPL

Darren De Zeeuw, Virtual Model Repository at the Community Coordinated Modeling Center, $575,659, NASA

Natalia Ganjushkina, Michael Liemohn, Daniel Welling, Solar wind driving of keV electron radiation environment in the near-Earth’s space, $668,844, NASA

Brian Gilchrist, Miniature Tether Electrodynamic Experiment (MiTEE) for JPL SURP Student Research Initiative - $20,000, NASA-JPL

Tamas Gombosi, Kenneth Hansen, Igor Sokolov, Valeriy Tenishev, U.S. Rosetta Project for Phase E, $1,200,000, NASA-JPL

Xianzhe Jia, Europa's magnetic field: Separating plasma perturbations from an ocean-induced dipole, $66,174, U-Colorado

Justin Kasper, Performance Assessment of Space-Based Radio Arrays, $75,000, NASA-JPL

Gretchen Keppel-Aleks, Evaluating Crop Productivity using Solar Induced Chlorophyll Fluorescence Measured from Ground and Space, $152,501, Cal Tech; Understanding the Causes and Implications of Enhanced Seasonal CO2 Exchange in Boreal and Arctic Ecosystems, $80,400, Woods Hole Research Center

Eric Kort, CAREER: Improving our understanding of nitrogen’s atmospheric impact on climate and ozone destruction, $651,806, NSF

Carolyn Kuranz, Hydrodynamic instability experiments at the Omega EP laser, $42,519, DOE-LANL; Solenoid for Magnetized HEDP Experiments on the Titan Laser, $20,260, DOE-LANL

Enrico Landi, Spectroscopic Investigation of the Origin of the Solar Wind and of it's Dependence, $328,951, NASA

Susan Lepri, Liang Zhao, Wind/STICS Data Processor, $30,000, NASA

Susan Lepri, ACE/SWICS Energy Spectra, $34,998, NASA; Determining CME Plasma Evolution from Remote Sensing and In-situ Observations, $30,000, NASA; The S-Web and the Sun-Heliosphere Connection, $133,425, NASA

Michael Liemohn, Stephen Bougher, Assessing Superthermal Electron Kinetic Processes in Near-Mars Space, $511,809, NASA

Michael Liemohn, Daniel Welling, Connections Between and Drivers of Inner Magnetospheric Current Densities and Hot Ion Structures, $441,000, NASA

Michael Liemohn, Coupled MHD-PIC analysis of dayside reconnection, $30,000, NASA

Darren McKague, Dust-Off: Advancing the DUST Concept to Flight, $9,900, NASA-JPL

Mark Moldwin, Development of New Low-Resource Magnetometers for Small Satellites, $100,000, NASA

Jim Raines, Enrico Landi, Liang Zhao, Characterizing the Coronal Origins of Slow Solar Wind Using Heavy Ion Composition and Spectroscopic Observations, $370,563, NSF

Christopher Ruf, Next Generation Bistatic Radar Receiver, $4,498,211, NASA

James Slavin, Characterizing Mercury’s Energetic Electron Events: A Phenomenological Study of a Unique Magnetospheric Process, $17,000, U-Colorado Boulder

Allison Steiner, Maria Lemos, Don Scavia, Coastal SEES: Enhancing sustainability in coastal communities threatened by harmful algal blooms by advancing and integrating environmental and socio-economic modeling, $1,996,139, NSF

Gabor Toth, Ward Manchester IV, Advanced Space Weather Modeling, $10,831, NSF

Daniel Welling, Gabor Toth, Impacts of Extreme Space Weather Events on Power Grid Infrastructure: Physics-Based Modeling of Geomagnetically-Induced Currents (GICs) During Carrington-Class Geomagnetic Storms, $494,901, DOE-LANL